Phlu on a park bench

Ulf Berghart, also known as Phlu, is one of the most productive persons I know. The time other people spends thinking up excuses for why they haven’t done anything creative lately, Ulf spends creating a track or twenty. In addition, Ulf loves exploring musical territories unknown to him, boldly breaking all the existing “rules” in order to create something that sounds like what he wants it to.

Peculiarly, Ulf isn’t the type of guy that listens a lot to electronic music, he’s mostly into weird types of rock, which perhaps is partially why his electronic explorations sounds so fresh – untouched by influences from idols.

Ulf also releases music on MarsMelons as Wooly Uli and Rutotkak, while also playing in bands like The Southern Halos and Skrumplever.

MMx034 Phlu – Late For Work
MMx036 Phlu – Mental Chillness
MMx039 Phlu vs. Bananeter – Impregnated World EP
MMx049 Phlu – Weirdness
MMx057 Phlu – Exzschplojnk
MMx084 Phlu – Misoit