Custom Wavetables for Waldorf Blofeld

Here’s a set of custom wavetables created for the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer. Parts of samples have been extracted and re-synthesized in the brilliant Audio-Term software in order to create wavetables for the Blofeld. The source material for the samples are mostly field recordings – I’ve sampled birds, the cat, a coyote, people eating, laughing, bubbles, the museum of technology, band rehearsals, farting, talking, outtakes from movies, instruments (guitar, sitar and a Juno), urination, eating of vegetables, kitchen utensils, water, Vashti Bunyan – and so forth.

Download Blofeld wavetables

To load them into your Blofeld, you can do the following;

1) Unzip the wavetable archive
2) Download and install MIDIOx.
3) Plug your Blofeld to your computer using USB or MIDI.
4) Open MIDIOx -> Options – > MIDI Devices -> MIDI Outports – > Blofeld
5) Click “Send a system exclusive file to MIDI Out port” – second icon from the left in MIDIOx.
6) Send the files one by one to your Blofeld

Please note – upload these wavetables at your own risk. This process worked just fine with my old Blofeld (with the latest OS installed) though, so I imagine it should work just fine.