MMx002 Beleband – s/t

Apparently, the story behind this release is as follows; – It started one day when Thomas, Andreas and Bele were playing outside in the sun, just having fun and Thomas screamed with every power he had “Ta av deg på overkroppen” (loosely translated; take off your top) to a girl walking by. “Wow!”, the others thought, you should start a band. So they did. And this self-titled album is the culmination of the project.

Needless to say we love it. And you should do too. Artwork by Morten.

01. Sansesangen
02. Rosinen I Pølsa
03. Noen Ganger
04. Dragen og den Lille Jenta
05. Svadesangen
06. Min Egen Begravelse
07. Klausrofobi
08. Indre Materier i Hjernen
09. Verdens Lystigste Sang
10. Mislykka Blues
11. Beleband
12. Ta Av Deg På Overkroppen

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