MMx003 FUBAR – Psychdelic Buckdown

This shit is so dirty and noisy you’d think we recorded it with a laptop-microphone, and we sure did. Gritty punk and psychedelic jams accompanies vocalist Thomas’s exceptionally hissing voice. The record clocks in at about 27 minutes (that was how far the recording got before the drum set got fucked). We also found purple snow pleading for mercy outside the windows of the studio upon exit.

The band consisted of; Anders, Thomas, Bendik & Morten and was recorded at Helset Klubben X-mas 2005. The sound quality on this recording is horrendous, so download with caution. You’ll receive a “free record”-voucher from us if you somehow manage to prove that you’ve listened through this entire recording. Artwork by Morten.

01. Du Bare Braaker Som Faen Under Hele
02. Lokedel
03. 2 3 4
04. 2 3 4 En Gang Til
05. Lokedel Igjen
06. The Kinder Eggs In Africa
07. Enda En Lokedel
08. Tin Box Teeth Sharpener
09. Your Kite Looks Just Like Moriarty
10. Truddelutt
11. We Bring Acid, You Cool-Aid It
12. Vi Ødela Cymbalen

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