MMx010 Klørrr – Disco Bunny Lady

It’s Klørrr party animal for all you disco bunny ladies out there. Too often during the first part of this century you heard about bands being labeled “garage rock”, when it really sounded like some shit crafted for a housewife soap-commercial. This is Klørrr however, the drop your pants, shit in your hands real deal. Besides, how can you possibly go wrong with song-titles like “I’m Dead, Give Me Head” or “Everyday Feels Like Sunday”? I tell you, you can’t.

Recorded in an actual garage in 2006, Thomas on bass, Lasso on drums. Hardcore’s not for sale, so we give it to you. Artwork by Morten.

01. Disco Bunny Lady
02. Hava Negilah/Die Motherfucker Die
03. Instrumental
04. Negative Creep
05. Klørrr, Party, Animal
06. I’m Dead Give Me Head
07. Big & Small
08. Interlude
09. Everyday Feels Like Sunday
10. Hava Negilah (Reprise)

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