MMx013 Electric Teepee – Junkie?

The cowboys have left territory. Remaining are the survivors; the shamans. The desert sun is burning and the sand storm blowing relentlessly. The vision quest is about to begin when a travelling set of hippies come rolling by. Together, they share what’s left of smoke, while the Big Chief of the indians, ponders the sign on one of the hippies’ shirt. “Junkie?”, he grunts. Taking it as a command, the hippies begin to play. The indians join them. And the rain is summoned. And peace is restored.

‘Junky?’ is a collection of demo recordings made by the band sometime in 2009. The band, consisting of Kristine Marie, Thomas and Stefan, promises to give you “the chills in both a good and bad way”. That sounds pretty good. And these tracks sure do too. Cover drawing by Kristine Marie, photoshopping by Morten.

01. Hunting Sound
02. Blues Bob
03. Sovna Gitt
04. Bagful

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