MMx014 Oskars Herliņš – s/t EP

It’s an honor to present four early works of Latvian contemporary composer, Oskars Herliņš, to you lot. To describe his first piece of experimental ambience, Oskars vows for modern poetry, imagining the grand stylus of earthly architecture;

“Already nowadays the dream has become a reality: within a radius of hundreds of kilometres live images in a variety of colours are transmitted together with a sound accompaniment. A man has conquered time and space. Radio waves like a joyful swarm engulf the Globe. And may this wonder awaken feelings of unity in all people of the planet!”

01. Viļņi (Brīnums) [Waves (Miracle)]
02. Sapnu Puisens [Dream boy]
03. Etide Diviem [Etude for two]
04. Noslepums Nr.69 [Secret Nr.69]

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