MMx023 Stjerna – I Have Come, I Have Destroyed Evil

From Steinar Raanaa, aka Stjerna, comes this year’s early x-mas present, a three piece EP to make you dream away to warmer locations. Stjerna is one of the two beat smiths from the new Nebbb-setup (the other one being Anders/Snared) – he possesses a natural gift for coming up with that extra quirky drum beat or melody to crank a tune up the few notches it needs.

Over the years I’ve come to associate most of his productions with a harder and darker sound, but on ‘I Have Come, I Have Destroyed Evil’ Stjerna turns on the summery lights and let you slide down into a comfortable hammock hovering just above the warm ocean with all kinds of cloudy dreamery going on above you. It’s a short lived dream, at only 8 minutes and 33 seconds, but it’s enough to get you out of that cold winter freeze for a few moments.

01. Addicts of Drugs Not Yet Synthesized
02. Bureaucrats of Spectral Departments
03. I Have Purified Myself

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