MMx025 The Southern Halos – If Pigs Could Fly

This year’s summer hit comes from The Southern Halos, who begs you to hop on the chillwave-train and let your worries fly away along with the passing pigs. The music is in the vein of the relatively recent musical phenomenon called ‘chillwave’. Half droopy juicy electronic beats over some warm organic guitar melody. And obviously the kind of high poetry and vocal performance by the dudes that made that music.

If you think you’re free, there’s no escape possible. Something, something, naked mass. You know the drill. It’s the vibe you’re after, learning the words aren’t too important. The Southern Halos are Ulf (Seminole Bingo), Steinar (Nebbb and Stjerna) and Thomas (most of the bands on the label). Cover art by Ulf.

01. If Pigs Could Fly

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