MMx026 Happy League Cactus – Spouse & Drippin

Out of the crates we dig some old stuff from Happy League Cactus. It’s a lo-fi dirty electronic concoction of techno and beat based music that wasn’t really meant for anybody’s ears. The collection of tracks is covering a great diversity in themes, from life cycles and metabolism, via alchemy and paranormal phenomena, to finding your inner child and Willy amongst all the fruit in that damn children’s book (fruit world was the hardest by far). ‘Ice-Cream Eathing Motherfuckers’ is an ode to Washington’s greatest sons, Fugazi, whilst ‘Undergrund’ was originally a remix of a 120 Grader Virvar-track, now featuring Sage Francis reciting his heartfelt ‘Hopeless’-poem. ‘White Dots’ is by far the most ambitious track, featuring spoken word by Daniel Savi and Kristoffer Bøegh (Blaendvaerk) to a poem written by Happy League Cactus himself.

The poem is some sort of new age mumbo jumbo, ‘the simultaneous puffs of black smoke from the heads’, ‘with that swallowing cold spark still dripping’, ‘her veins and branches and lines from pencils going off the page’ etc. Artwork by Morten.

01. Fruits
02. Ice-Cream Eating Motherfuckers
03. Ectoplastician
04. Undergrund (HLC Remix feat. Sage Francis)
05. White Dots

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