MMx029 Yoko Og Nei – The Break-Up Album

After a huge fight that ended with the police coming in their fourth floor window (who would have guessed, pigs can in fact fly!) Yoko & Nei decided to end their relationship. Thomas digged up two old tunes and recorded two new tunes that would make up this break-up album.

Experimentally free flowing in its course, three of the tracks on this EP staggers along with minimalistic percussive support, relying heavily on backdrop basslines and synthesizer melodies, which works particularily well on the first track, ‘The Reason (Part One)’. Another standout track is ‘Up’, the only tune on the EP without a percussion track at all. It has, however, tons of interesting layers of harmonies and melodies moving in and out of one another, filling a sort of void with sadness. Artwork by Morten.

01. The Reason (Part One)
02. The Re-re-ac-tor
03. Up
04. The Reason (Part Two)

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