MMx032 Stjerna – Bekkestua Bronx

Bekkestua Bronx – home of the hard, finally being paid proper homage to by one of its finest citizens, Stjerna, who started shaping his skills with Fruity Loops back in the day when occupying the only crack den not to have been raided by the police this side of Baltimore (said crack den much depicted in the ‘Brik’ music video posted below). Some of those older experiments ultimately lead to a few of the tracks on this record, which is why you can smell a light hint of purple caps and yam-yay sieving through your speakers when you listen to them. There’s also a mystique going on in this record, people in the know claim it contains a hidden underlying melody, if decoded correctly, it reveals the location of a secret haven known as ‘Bakgaarden’.

Mostly hard hitting, well produced, intrinsically rhythmic, weird, experimental and downright brilliant, Bekkestua Bronx delivers with one of the best odes to life on the streets in contemporary Bekkestua. Artwork by Morten.

1. Skuxxx
2. Base Di Alcool
3. Brik
4. Hilfe
5. It’s Not
6. Kompl
7. Paethon
8. Pwnd
9. Showdem

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