MMx033 Gunerius Quack & Big Chief vs Jokkemaskinen & The Police – s/t

Welcome to a schizofrenic battle of the weirdos. It kicks off with a noisy processed violin by Jokkemaskinen & The Police, when Gunerius Quack answers with an eleven string meditative improvisation in the style of John Fahey and Robbie Basho. Jokkemaskinen & The Police then tries to go ballers with the guitar, but ends up making it sound more like home, coffee and newspapers on table (resting on couch). Big Chief then plays (and sings) a standard blues song that Jokkemaskinen & The Police steals the reverberation from, and showcases a minimal drone, before turning it into an electro piece. At the very end Thomas Bergsten comes with a minimal organ duet similar to the early minimalist works of Philip Glass and Steve Reich.

So that’s sixteen minutes and fourty two seconds of hazy Thursday evening vegetable patch card game music for ya! Artwork by Morten.

1. Calibrate For Ice-Hockey
2. Paradigm Mom
3. Goloc House
4. Experience ISO

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