MMx035 Harvey Steel – Sketches EP

Harvey Steel was left on the doorstep of an Amish family in October 1977. He was raised as a real family member, and they didn’t tell him about were he came from until he was fifteen. He then left his Amish family following a calling. A few years later, he met a musician in Mississippi claiming to be Jim Ford. Jim thaught him how to play the guitar. After finding out that the man claiming to be Jim Ford was just a cocaine addicted ex-hippie (he had planted a kilo heroin in his guitar on the way home from a gig in Mexico), Harvey Steel quit music and moved to Norway in 1997 and has lived in a small cabin in the woods just outside of the ski jump hill in Vikersund. He hadn’t even touched a guitar until one day he came home from a walk in the woods and someone had set up a small studio with a small amp and a few guitars with a note;

– I’m sorry, Harvey, hope this makes up for something.

– Buck
PS! It took me ten years to find you.

Harvey Steel then recorded ‘Turn On Your Lovelight’ right away (after figuring out how to use the equipment) and used the two more days to write and record the rest of the album. Harvey Steel has now put together a band and we are waiting for the comeback concert! All songs by Harvey Steel except ‘Turn On Your Lovelight’ written by Joseph Wade Scott and Deadric Malone aka Don Robey, ‘I Told You A Lie’ written by Harvey Steel and Jan Fredrik Bjerk. Artwork by Åse & Morten.

1. Turn On Your Lovelight
2. Standing On The Corner
3. Dead Ahead
4. Outer Space (Part 1)
5. 1969
6. Outer Space (Part 2)
7. I Told You A Lie

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