MMx045 Sterk Te – s/t

Sterk Te’s music is best served with a freshly brewed cup of tea. Although it’s not obvious when listening to their recordings, the band is made up of three men with a strong desire to explore new and uncharted acoustic territories. The band originally started out with a desire to play punk, but gradually stripped down their sound and ambitions. Since none of the band members actually know how to play any instruments (in the conventional meaning of the term), raw noise became the natural musical direction. Their music is in a constant state of flux that makes for a chaotic, yet “interesting” experience. If you think it sounds shitty, it might be because it was partly recorded at their own studio, located in a small loft bathroom. Quoting Lars-Erik, the bands most hard-core fan (although he’s not really that hard-core); “Yeah, I have their albums.”

Sterk Te’s debut album, contains such hits as “A Wooden Madonna in an Electric Chair”, “Sangen til Erik” and “Allergisk reaksjon nr. 27″. Cover by Lars-Erik’s mother.

01. Session 5
02. A Wooden Madonna In An Electric Chair
03. Allergisk Reaksjon Nr 27
04. Uten Tittel
05. Sangen Til Erik
06. Gangsta Style Erik
07. Den Nye Sangen
08. Jeg Kan Digge Slutten
09. Antennen Er Ødelagt (Og Vi Må Snart Til Sengs)

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