MMx046 Thomas Bergsten – Frank Walker (Episode #1)

Our first hörspiel/radio drama on MarsMelons! This piece is the first episode of a series of radio dramas by Thomas Bergsten, about Frank Walker, a man who forgot who he was and went out searching. Thomas: ” I knew little or nothing about the art of radio drama when I started this project, but I think of it as the first radio drama ever produced, but in 2011″. He adds; “I was told that the theme of this series actually is identical to the first radio drama ever, but don’t quote me on that”. “Every episode will start as an installation of some kind, and then I write the words from that, and finally I write the music”.

This first episode is an exploration of the format and will gradually disintegrate and end up with something completely different. Artwork by Morten.

01. Frank Walker Episode # 1

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