MMx051 Agen, Olle Sjögren & Coax – Disconcerted & Discombobulated II

While Phlu did a live-set at Sound of Mu a couple of months back, he was lucky enough to have a talented set of people in the room hearing it. One of them was Agen, from 300AD, a very interesting music collective based in Norway, Sweden and Ireland. Agen asked Phlu if he could make a remix of his track ‘Disconcerted & Discombobulated’ to which Phlu obviously replied a resounding “yes” – the result is a wonderfully dreamy dub-techno like rendition of Phlu’s track from MarsMelon’s 36th release, ‘Mental Chillness‘. Olle Sjögren, another exciting musician we heard from mixing with Vaage and Wasserfall some months back, got in touch with Phlu as well, and decided to remix the very same track. His result – a playful upbeat version of the track, with some interesting rhythmical variations and a sort of disco-like undertone. We love it. Finally, Coax, a gem from the Norwegian underground with a host of releases already in his belt, delivers an absolute spine shivering finish to this remix-record – chopped up breakbeat rhythms with lots of interesting fills, slightly dissonant pads and atmospherical layers. A real gobsmacker for your fast tracker on a Thursday.

01. Disconcerted & Discombobulated II (Original Phlu Mix)
02. Disconcerted & Discombobulated II (Agen Remix)
03. Disconcerted & Discombobulated II (Olle2000 Remix)
04. Disconcerted & Discombobulated II (Coax Remix)

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