MMx062 Skiftende Bris – s/t

You know how it is – if your time to you is worth savin’, then you better start swimmin’, or you’ll sink like a stone. Welcome, new ones. This in from Ulf;

One day in this universe; floating around in a bed with rounded corners, waking up while checking if your pulse is still pulsating, finding that you and life are still square – you realize that something is wrong nevertheless. That’s OK, but finding yourself in the kitchen five minutes later with a singing refrigerator to your left, doesn’t help anything. You don’t consider madness as a probable cause, though. Your mind is raging, you are in fact pretty crazy. You run in circles to the melodies while eating breakfast like a hog, and there is a sudden stop in time. You may have found the key to eternal life, or you may have not. Totally oblivious, turning the lights on and off like a strobe just for fun for what seems like ages, while laughing hard, followed by choking, then caughing, you all of a sudden find yourself vomiting colours all over the floor, like an inflated, plastic rainbow punctuated by a needle hitting the ground, spreading out like the big bang itself is soaking your feet. Meanwhile, you search for the word meaning and it’s actual meaning in an ancient library inside the microwave oven. Finding no meaning doing that, you don’t go to work that day. Just sitting on your ass in front of the computer with the TV on in the background all day, sleeping, while playing old videogames on your stupid smartphone makes you feel better, though.

Artwork by Ulf himself.

01. Calculush
02. Trombonium
03. Videogaming
04. Attention
05. Lucky Love
06. One26
07. Skiftende Bris
08. Varm Luft
09. Arp
10. New Phlustep
11. Sex, Drugs & Videogames
12. Computer
13. Closed Eyes

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