MMx064 Green Gym – Roadrunner Bits

Green Gym’s ‘Roadrunner Bits’ is somewhat of a sentimental trip down memory lane – to days of swirling around in your head all day talking football and video games with the kids at school, spending a good three hours on the 20 minute walk home, avoiding the drunk with the crazy german shepherd by cautiously de-touring through the woods, getting caught up in trying to hide all the ice-hockey cards in the perfect hiding place under some rocks. Playing hide and seek with a bunch of kids from the neighbourhood, failing to utter the simplest of phrases in front of the cutest girl, feeling like the entire world is at one’s feet anyway, getting back to a friend’s house for a slumber party, and staying up all night playing Double Dragon.

This 4-piece EP was made (almost) entirely using synthesis from the legendary SID-chip found in the Commodore 64. Free push-pops to whoever gets the title references! Artwork (and music) by Morten.

01. What’s The Story Football Glory
02. Fat Knight Riding A Horse
03. Great Frogs Drink Lucozade
04. Breath Mint Snowman

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