MMx067 Neizvestija – Adventures In Sineland

‘Adventures In Sineland’ is the latest brainchild from Swedish electronic experimentalist Neizvestija. Dense and ever-evolving clouds of drones washing the waves of your perception receptor into earlier, primordial states. Water, dust, gravel, growth, vegetation, mitochondria – reproduction in perpetuity. Neizvestija has this to say about the process of creating these tracks;

This album has grown out of mostly live improvisations over the last four months. I tend to search intuitively for a feeling, rather than composing and arranging consciously. The music grows and evolves out of this search, meaning it’s very hard to replicate. But what comes out if I try, will hopefully find its own place in existence. Artwork by Morten.

01. Adventures In Sineland
02. Sineland Revisited
03. The Three Horsemen
04. The Tarn is Dark and Its Waters Run Deep

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