MMx077 Frocifer – Reformatted

This in from Ulf.

Frocifer the Robot, another weird character created by electronic musician Phlu Berghart, gives your digitalized brain orders to swipe your feet off the ground, leave the hoax and curse of social media behind, and levitate into outer space for a peaceful, galactic party inside the colourful nebulas of this universe for exactly thirteen minutes and thirtyone seconds.

Designed while waiting for Bergharts child to be born, Frocifer is a down-to-earth experiment done with his computer, partly on the couch in his livingroom and at a cabin near the sea. Also, the main project in Frocifers ‘life’ as a robot, is to terminate the existence of all the cruel, shit-talking perverts habiting earth, zapping them to another dimension where no one can hear their awful self-inflated egos scream for attention, and hence prevent them from ruining regular peoples everyday peace. Artwork by Ulf himself.

01. Waitin’
02. Stranger
03. FunkD
04. Level Four

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