MMx078 Electric Teepee – s/t

Back at the salon, the pianist takes a break (whiskey, in abundance), a stranger sits himself at a bar stool while a well-dressed woman walks restlessly back and forth outside. The town sheriff and his deputy are sitting in the bar observing the stranger with watchful eyes. The sun is like a piercing dagger outside, welding dust to crisp on people’s clothes. It smells of rotten rats, dried up snake skin and rancid cow’s milk. The deputy’s lip twitches. The stranger sends a nonchalant look towards him, gesturing towards his belt – gun is drawn, two guns drawn – bad situation for the stranger – two booming shots, courtesy of one finely dressed woman on front porch with musk. The stranger and the woman takes the sheriff’s keys, proceeds to free their companion, Dr K (accused of selling quackery – a socalled ‘ST’, sinus tachycardia), and the travelling medicine show continues further south.

These are some incredibly good studio recordings from Electric Teepee, who released their first EP on MarsMelons a few years back (release #13, no less). It’s a true privilege to release them! Produced by Electric Teepee and Peder Jørgensen. The excellent artwork comes courtesy of Thomas Bergsten.

01. Bag Full
02. Blues In Major Bob
03. Country Songs
04. Dr K
05. Hunting Sounds
06. It’s All Gone
07. Lunary Jig

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