MMx084 Phlu – Misoit

With ‘Misoit’ Phlu kicks the bucket. Steps into the land of the ex-parrots. Pulls the curtains. The fat lady has indeed started singing. After this, there is no more Phlu. Slithering out of his cracked shell, new pastures awaits. As he was stepping down, he was whispering in his beard – ‘gurgle, gurgle … got to make music for the kid … brumple, brumple … jazz … grsh, grsh … trombones … prufst, prufst … get away from 4/4′. Make of it what you will. Misoit is for times past and what lies ahead. No matter what you’re convinced the future might hold, it is sure to be something different! How refreshing.

As much as we have enjoyed releasing Phlu’s stuff on the label – we are looking much forward to what new sounds might come out of his experiments in the future. Artwork by Ulf himself.

01. Luleon
02. Summer Son
03. Kalimba II
04. Xersty
05. Attack of the Clowns
06. Fire Lake
07. Machres
08. Paraca
09. 2BContinued
10. Level Two
11. Clegm

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