MMx086 Harvey Steel & The Harvey Steel Tribute Band – Living On Borrowed Cheeze

Straight from Jupiter! Here are some tunes from the recording sessions of the Harvey Steel Show’s upcoming album.

These little ditties sure are pretty, shitty and haunting! These are collages, experiments, jams and songs collected as one on this EP «You’re living on borrowed cheeze». Originally intended to be released on floatin marzipan, the guys suddenly realized that no earthling could enjoy the music on this medium and alas, we here at MarsMelons inc. are releasing it digitally. Be on the lookout for new material from these guys and a killer album straight to vinyl due in September!

Written, recorded, mixed & produced by Harvey Steel. Performed by Harvey Steel & The Harvey Steel Tribute Band. ‘More Or Less’ and ‘God Came In Through My Window’ mixed and co-produced with Andreas Lande. Thanks to Yellow Spectral Star for eternal love and happiness.

01. Jupiter Ascending
02. You’re Living On Borrowed Cheezee
03. God Came In Through My Window
04. Rag For Howe
05. Live Long And Prosper
06. Jesus Christ Lead Guitar
07. More Or Less
08. Greetings From Jupiter

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