MMx087 West Bank Robbers – Alt

West Bank Robbers have gone and recorded 6 new mighty tracks, which we’re delighted to release on MarsMelons.

West Bank Robbers second release contains songs which explores narrative stories further than their first release. Stories about social alienation, and a feeling of all the insecurity connected to being and adult and always being expected to do “the right thing”. Not exactly revolutionary themes, but never based on fictional ideas and structure. Hence the narrative aspect about simple things delivered with sincerity and vicinity. This EP contains straight ahead punk-rock songs with reggae/dub/ska influences. That´s about it.

40 is the new 20 – I feel you, man. These tracks reminds me of why I got interested in music in the first place, why music can transcend time, space and dreary daily lives.

01. Alt
02. Nådestøtet Gis
03. Et Sted I Oslo By
04. Lokfører
05. Sangene Du Sang
06. Du Forstod

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