MMx090 Boblebad – s/t

Boblebad sounds like it’s been kept in a time capsule since the early 90’s, but have somehow evolved in there, and gets out all frisky and 95’ski and asks – whatever happened to that OL-floka, man? What’s going on with that? Yeah yeah, flannel shirts and Kurt Cobain and no internet, and everything innocent, floppy disks, push pops and football stickers, Boomer gum and all that. 90’s – wooo. Let’s throw a fucking party like the 90’s is a thing now, and dance around listening to Dr Alban and Rhythm Is a Dancer and all that crap – yet – there’s Boblebad – he doesn’t know better, and that’s the shit.

01. Boblebad
02. Kongesangen
03. Gladsangen

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