MMx091 Ruth Hansen – Horvat Knows What Up

I first met Ruth a few years back while I worked at an old folk’s home. I wasn’t quite sure if she worked there or whether she lived there. She had a fascination for octopi and would often tell the weirdest stories about the time she worked a boat in the south Pacific catching these creatures for a Japanese research facility. She had on several occasions seen octopi emit a strange green light once they’d been slammed on deck. The green light was always followed by an extremely high pitched screeching noise. The local lore along the pacific isles said this phenomenon was caused by the summoning of the soul of the octopi by the chieftan octopus, Horvat.

So, there’s Ruth in her old folks home, bored to death, no octopus in sight. I showed her how to use Live, and she just lit up. Started making weird noises with it – age 82. I quit the job there a few years back, and hadn’t heard from her since then, until I got this tape in the mail the other day – labelled ‘Horvat Knows What Up’. It’s Ruth’s stuff. Some techno-like shit.

01. Octopus Morning
02. Skill Set Out The Window
03. Crop Circle Jerking
04. Fabelsport
05. Zero XM Oyster Lines

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