MMx102 Sykt Barn – Jord

3 (and a half – soon four!) year old Milla is MarsMelons’ latest collaborator. Armed with a modular synthesizer, she’s spraypainting a picture of her world with the synthetic sounds coming out of the machine. Her influences ranges from Frozen, Fantorangen, Knudsen & Ludgvisen, eating spaghetti, playing shop, riding her scooter and making stuff with playdough. She has (strangely enough) a knack for odd melodies and dark hazy beats – showcasing a maturity in her productions and compositions well worthy of most seasoned pros.

‘Sykt Barn’ is in fact a new project by Stjerna, who’s been helped out by his daughter (Milla) to pick the name for the record. As you can see from the image, though, Milla is a pro wiggler in the making (Dead Man’s Catch on Peaks ain’t for the faint of heart), so watch this space!

1. Cilian
2. Tewqunds
3. Hots2
4. Solemn Vigil
5. Sklukeba
6. Tranxlate
7. Såtteasteepa
8. Wyrm
9. Kald

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