MMx118 Bison Chemo – There are stars, you’re fine

A kind of poem from Beroun Kiefshe to sum up Bison’s debut on MarsMelons:

Chemo’s underwater astroturf marbles.
Francis Leopold cold reading star maps, karplus.
Celestial body mass index rates rats Indie car crashing a wedding reception canopy.
Can it be?
Something great,
level 4 mass consciousness overheard pope talking walking,
orbital state await.

01.┬áThere are stars, you’re fine
02. It’s level 3 now
03. Bon voyage, birdies
04. The right direction
05. Fairy lair
06. Gibraltar
07. Traces
08. 14th problem solved
09. San Sebastian
10. Got tickets
11. Kind people
12. Slacker

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