MMx119 Zen Volt – The View

MarsMelons are very pleased to release some of the works of Marius Blomstervik, aka Zen Volt, an electronic experimentalist with a very keen ear for oddly harmonic juxtapositions between the abstract and the melodic in music. As you may or may not have figured out already, that’s just how we love it over here. Marius puts it best himself:

Inspired by natures movements, winds, waves, and shapes of mountains and forests. The View is an attempt of cooperation and exploration of musical machines to express nature experiences, synesthetically. Notes and structures develops dependent on context and circumstances, conditioned by their sonic surroundings, growing in a frame of fluid structures.

01. Happen Simultaneously
02. How real
03. Dissolving
04. A separated nature
05. All den tid
06. The view
07. Emanation
08. Its entrance onto the world
09. Machines dream too
10. Grow like extacy

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