MMx127 Duelling Ants – Two Birds / One Seed

Two Birds / One Seed is Duelling Ants’ latest minimalist forest trekker. 16 tracks that just breathes like living organisms, rich with harmonies and odd quirky sound design. In a music world where everyone is competing for faster, harder, louder – this is the much needed anti-dote. It’s absolutely lovely.

01 Space travellers
02 Klare dråper
03 Byen var forlatt
04 Jeg vil være fri
05 Ville tilstander i indre by
06 Skogen er våt
07 Mesmerize
08 You’ll know when I’m ready
09 Rain
10 Birds fly home
11 Resonant
12 Strings
13 Følger lyset
14 The beginning
15 Birthday
16 Mindset

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