MMx139 Laserost – Oppussingsokkultister

If Laserost was a shitty punk band he’d be all like

it’s not for me,
all you care about is a large tv,
you wanna build a new porch,
you all are such dorks,
who gives a shit anyway,
I don’t care what you paid,
your kids do this, your kids do that,
take a poop in my hat”.

But he isn’t a punk band, so he doesn’t. He makes tracks about cookies and gum and rubber poltergeists instead – and that’s fine.

1. Gartnerkjeks
2. Retningspels
3. Transprekk
4. Vitaminskodder
5. Pleksitante
6. Beredskapsknaus
7. Eskapistterte
8. Joysticksaus
9. Presteklut

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