MMx097 Fruktnøtt – s/t

Back in 2004, two guys started a musical project called Fruktnøtt. At that time it consisted of merely a couple of weird experiments with beats and piano sounds, sounds which never came to see any daylight.

The project name came from a joke which frequented around the house where one of them lived and the other one hang out once in a while. When you could hear people in that house ask eachother if they got some Fruktnøtt, the person who was asked often simply replied ‘Høhøhø’. And that was it, really. That was the answer.

The two guys found out years later that they shoud compile their musical powers again and make a record of it. This record is that record. Have a listen.

01. Jesus Minus
02. Thizthiz
03. Daxxmaxx
04. Elektrick

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MMx094 Coax – COM1

We’ve been hassling Coax to release some stuff on MarsMelons ever since that insane live show he did at Mir a year back, and I’m proud to say we’ve finally received some material – and boy, oh boy, does it deliver! ‘COM1′ sounds dark and somewhat industrial, but incredibly organic in that it rarely repeats itself – this certainly isn’t your “dark bitcrushed techno anno 2014″ (not that we don’t like techno, mind). On this record, Coax operates in the peculiar realms in between IDM, glitch, ambient and the avant-garde. ‘COM1′ is the first in a series of recordings, which supposedly will feature many different concepts and themes. I’ve been trying to find words that will do this music justice, but I can’t seem to find a way to spell them out coherently or into any kind of meaningful order – swirling, stuttering, scales, inflatable, breathing, Zarathustra, technology mimicking organisms – bla bla bla, read all the fancy words on your local Pitchfork. Just hear it. It sounds good, we promise.

Coax have been spawning tracks in the Norwegian underground for a long time, releasing several records on his own over the past few years (check ‘em out or die) – we’re proud to see him release some stuff on MarsMelons. Cover art by Coax himself.

01. Buzzy B
02. Industrial Base
03. Hub
04. Teseplono
05. iloson
06. Slounge
07. Selbog
08. Sellom
09. Ectocrypt
10. Blackout
11. Lentel
12. NUAS

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MMx049 Phlu – Weirdness

Phlu woke up one day with a massive head-ache. He realized that his immediate surroundings were nothing like they used to be. Tiny egg-shaped men were dancing in his window cill, beef shaped butterflies were bungee jumping from the ceiling and below his bed, a bunch of lego-grills were rollerskating with the skull of an Action Man-figurine. ‘WTF?’ thought Phlu, who were suddenly thrown softly out of bed, onto the dancing lego-grills, who were now joined by a pack of holes in the ground cheering an anthem. Rising up, Phlu’s stomach churned, a loud honk hurled its way out of Phlu’s mouth before a miniature version of a freight truck came booming out after it. Rejoicing universe. ‘What did I have for supper last night?’ thought Phlu, before he was miniaturized to the side of his bedpost, now in a church in front of an altar, kissing a big floating magnetic ball filled with all of the little creatures that had been inside his room earlier. ‘You are now husband and life’, a voice declared from the hair of a tooth brush, and Phlu exploded into labor; giving birth to tiny bubbles of glittering matter from a wooden conception stuck on his chin.

Phlu woke up again, this time in the surroundings he were used to, but with a little box next to his bed. In it, 19 glittering bubbles with tiny mouths, lightly buzzing something undecipherable. ‘What to do?’ thought Phlu, who went on to develop a technique to interview the bubbles. Each and every track on this record is quite simply those tiny glittering bubbles answering the question ‘What worries you the most?’. So, better pay attention, there’s some otherworldly shit on display, revealing secrets formerly not known to our race (assuming you are a human).

01. Late For Work
02. Fell
03. Weirdness
04. Celluloid Ivory (Phlu & VDR86)
05. So Blind
06. Future Insecure
07. Paco y Cigarillos
08. Beer Can Do
09. Back Home
10. The Rules
11. Key Inside
12. All These Years
13. Seasick
14. Sangria
15. Too Fucked To Get Drunk
16. Mental Chillness
17. Early Birds
18. Summer Breeze
19. Beehive

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MMx044 Eddie Tambongo – Backpack & Two Shoes

Finally, Eddie Tambongo (the artist formerly known as ‘Snared’), is back in the mix! Eddie has been studying sound engineering since his last release on the label (2U9L69) back in 2009, and it goes to show – sound quality is crisp as a biscuit! Intricate rhythms move slowly and intertwine with equally sticky melodies, as Eddie does little to hide his fascination for jazz, kraut-rock and the new generation of ‘wonky’ hip-hop producers (Ras G, Onra, Flying Lotus etc).

Somewhat dark, beat-driven, organic and playful – ‘Backpack & Two Shoes’ contains three new tracks that will make you pop about in your opium cloud and shout out “beat kraut!” while trying to figure out the meaning of “Umlaut”. Artwork by Morten.

01. Dusty Days
02. Leafhopper
03. Rusty Pipes & Old Chairs

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MMx038 Stjerna – DMZ

DMZ, or De Militarized Zone, is a physical or logical subnetwork that contains and exposes an organization’s external services to a larger untrusted network. There’s a certain noir comic vibe to this release, although, musically speaking, there’s no escaping the comparisons to Burial, Mount Kimbie and Sepalcure. Some league to be in though! Sounding somewhat like a mix between the three pioneers within experimental and perhaps more subtle dubstep isn’t exactly a negative feat, it’s a pretty incredible accomplishment in my book! The good kind of spine shivers. There’s a hazy and frail fidgeting feeling over this, slightly skipping with off-beat jazz-like rhytms, but the textures and melodies are oh so warm and comforting.

I’m really honored to release this 6-piece on the label, and like so many other releases on the label, it really deserves a vinyl release. So, if you feel like sponsoring or lending us money, give me a holler! Artwork by Morten.

01. Cease All Creation
02. Encourage His Arrogance
03. Bolstering Lost Ground Fortress
04. A Golden Bridge To Retreat Across
05. Penetrating Spies Cannot Pry
06. Secret Ops

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MMx036 Phlu – Mental Chillness

A walk through the dire mud of everyday life, sprinkled with the occasional sunshine penetration. Mental dwarfs looking for pussy behind doors, blow pads, metal piece nose separation. A neurotic cartoon ‘Nirvana’, oozing sprays of sticky aromas, clinging to matter like tar sand. To enjoy light, one must also appreciate darkness. Balancing on the thin line stretching over the nuclear waste covering parts of a flourishing meadow. The king of snooze-techno has returned, and it’s an LP! 12 new tracks, damn!

Phlu produced this record over the rainy summer, which gives us a few pointers to its ambivalent nature. There are some wonderfully warm melodies on show on this record, as well as some much welcomed rhythmical experimentation. ‘Juxtapositive Minds’ skips along like a slightly damaged old record, while ‘Another Re-Detached Surface of Thought’ explores a different musical realm altogether. Artwork by Ulf.

01. Weak End
02. Blabbering Of The Quitter
03. Hippielusions Of Grandeur
04. Psychobabble Theft
05. Juxtapositive Minds
06. Five Joints Left
07. Disconcerted & Discombobulated
08. No Use For A Brain
09. Another Re-detached Surface Of Thought
10. Decomposed Soil Of The Soul
11. Dark Lights
12. End Station

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MMx034 Phlu – Late For Work

Ulf returns with his silver tailed dream character moniker ‘Phlu’, and with him he’s got a couragous mission; reclaim your sleep! And it’s a mission well worth fighting for. For what better, more noble activity can man partake in without causing this world any further pain or misery? Lulled away on distant alien shores, quietly flying about observing an ever changing absurdly exotic environment. Talking to another version of you, playing fantastic sounding music on a three sided elephant with a conch-like marshmallows trunk, having your arms float up in space, only to drop two parallell velcro curtains bursting out naked ladies with caramel tits. This arcadian existence time and again disrupted only by the sound of an alarm clock. Waking up. Going to work. Misery.

These tracks are an ode to the art of sleeping in. To travelling away to the lands of our actual dreams. Spiritual perfection, light and creation. Turn off your alarm clock and sleep in, it will change your life. Artwork by Ulf & Morten.

01. Days In The Sun
02. Snoozing
03. Dreams Evolve
04. Sunbeam Walk
05. The Awakening
06. Road
07. The Working Week

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MMx017 Snared – 2U9L69

‘2U9L69′ is the recent brainchild of electronic experimentalist Anders Eddie Jacobsen, aka ‘Snared’. Having played bass and drums in various bands over the years, Anders delved into the eletronic sphere of music to express a more personal style than the acoustic instruments would allow him. On ‘2U9L69′, warm and deep textures supports heavily complex rhythms and haunting, mezmerizing melodies. It feels organic, and it sounds somewhat ethnic, or other worldly, without being in the absolute cheese holes most ‘ethnic’-felt Western music seems to fall into these days.

There’s much promise in this EP, and we sure hope and believe there is more to come from Snared in the future. All of the tracks produced in 2009. Artwork by Morten.

01. FFF
02. Feeling Rabbits
03. Sleeping Monkey
04. He Says

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MMx008 Seminole Bingo – Schizophobia

No one says it better than our good old Ulf, the melodic genius behind another strange release on the label; “Seminole Bingo is your neighbour’s dog on weed, trying to make music for no purpose at all. It contains tunes mostly from the great year of 2005, a very green year”. Here you’ll find tracks varying from Justice-like party dance, via experimental IDM to Primus-inspired (or so it seems) electro-ska. In the words of the good ol’ funcrushers; independent like a fuck! Artwork by Ulf himself.

01. I Hate Tv-themes
02. Remembering Tomorrow
03. I Don’t Even Know Myself These Days
04. Remind Me Who I Am
05. Still Wack
06. It’s The Weight Of The World

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