MMx061 Harvey Steel & The Harvey Steel Tribute Band – Full Double Rainbow! Live?

Just in from 1969 – another year with nothin’ to do, I say oh my, and a’ boo-hoo.

This release was recorded live at the (in)famous Einstein Mansion and is Harvey Steel’s first release with the Harvey Steel Tribute band, and what a band it is! Sneaky Snare Bear, Boatstwain Sea Bass & Blue Cosmic Storm are groovin’ like a 70’s «jazz-fusion» band, in a GOOD way (yes it’s possible!). Artwork by Mari.

Put this on and start jumping up and down.

“Harvey Steel is «psych-blues-funk-rock» at its best!”
– Albert Einstein

“Harvey Steel showed me how to play the magic sitar.”
– Ravi Shankar

– Keith Richards

01. Full Double Rainbow
02. Ego In Bed
03. Funky Junkie
04. More Or Less
05. Outer Space
06. Lost In The Mickey Maze
07. Jesus Was Walking On Water
08. More Acid
09. 1969

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MMx005 Ganjibiri – You!

Ganjibiri started at the end of the 90’s/start of the 00’s as a prog-rock band but quickly lost all structure and became an improvising monster! Drony, psychedelic, free, prog, improv, noise, rock are all words fitting Ganjibiri. Some day you might see them killing your organ with an axe, or gazing at their shoes playing the same riff for three hours on end.

This massive jam fest, entitled ‘You!’, clocks in at 82 minutes, a proper evening feast for a prog-head. It was recorded live somewhere in 2005. Artwork by Morten & Anders.

01. Rød Tom/E
02. A Jam
03. Løpende Lovløs
04. Progglåta
05. Ajaoee

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