MarsMelons is a label for experimental music based in Oslo, Norway.

The idea for the label was conceived during x-mas 2008, when label-head Morten Dilevski Molthe re-discovered the massive amount of weird music that had been made by him and his friends (mostly his friends) during the years. Due to the sheer quality of some of the material, it would be a downright shame to let it rot on a hard drive somewhere and not to release it to the world, or more importantly; make all of it available to all our friends.

The label officially launched on July 10th, 2009.

The philosophy

No sound is too small. We want to be an arena for people to showcase their music, however strange their music may sound. We’re also psyched about preserving our time’s “folk music” – music made by “regular people”. Music made for the pure pleasure of making music.

About the music releases

All the music releases are free for you to download as mp3’s or FLAC’s. The bitrate and sound quality of the mp3’s varies, due to the quality of the initial recordings. DO NOT use any of the music on this site for commercial purposes without asking permission. All of the tracks released on MarsMelons are licensed under the Creative Commons License.


Unfortunately, we do not accept demo submissions at the moment.

Social Media

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Contact information

If you would like to book any of the artists for a show or use any of their material in any way, please contact us on this e-mail address; booking [at] marsmelons.com.

All other inquiries can be directed to; mail [at] marsmelons.com.