Applikation Neptun

Nikolai Straarup aka Applikation Neptun

Heavily inspired by Autechre and Amon Tobin, 23 year old Nikolai Straarup, aka Applikation Neptun, dives into the world of avant-garde techno and breakbeat with a somewhat puritan approach. Nikolai produces his sounds without using regular hardware or software synthesizers, he generates sinus-, saw- and square-waves and puts effects on them manually. It’s probably what gives his sound that cold and techy feeling and a sensation of being shot somewhere at random through wires at high speed over barren synthethic tundras, like a futuristic teleport signal gone astray.

Nikolai’s live show is also somewhat remarkable – he draws abstract and colorful images on a big screen in whatever simple image making program he has available on his computer.

MMx024 Applikation Neptun – #01 – 3417-41CB