Kris B aka Blaendvaerk hanging out with peacocks in Prague

‘Blaendvaerk’ is Kris B, a Danish electronic experimentalist following in the footsteps of the early pioneers of electronic music. ‘Musique Concrète’ comes to mind when trying to decipher his sound down to a genre. Asked to describe his latest work, the self-titled EP, Kris dives into the depths of existentialism;

– Every bright adolescent and teenager – not to mention adult – should listen to this EP and ponder its subject, which is nothing less than the provenance and place of thinking beings in the Universe. Full of stimulating, exciting ideas and speculations, with an engrossing and intelligent sound, it engages the listener in addressing the problems presented. I say every teenager should listen to this EP because no matter what your religious or philosophical bent or direction, that’s the time in life when you really start considering these important topics in a mature fashion. The EP was a thrill to me as a 12 year old in the late sixties; I listened to it again and again, along with what constitutes a soul (or conciousness)?; to what extent is there a place for compassion in nature; even if the universe is blind and uncaring, do I still have duties and obligations?and uncaring, do I still have duties and obligations?

MMx018 Blaendvaerk – s/t