Duelling Ants


Hans Marius T. Jacobsen aka Duelling Ants

Duelling Ants is Hans Marius T. Jacobsen. Hans Marius started experimenting with electronic music in junior high school when he discovered the first editions of the old techno software Rebirth. Gearing up with various synths and samplers he started recording a lot of stuff the following years. He didn’t actually let anyone listen to what came out, but nevertheless enjoyed the creative process.

Through the years as his style and interest in music developed, a passion for self-recorded samples, field recordings and instrument experimentation grew stronger. Duelling Ants’ first release “Phones” is a result of an experimental session with various percussion instruments from 2002. The recordings were long lost, but when found during an annual basement clear-out over 10 years later, processed and rearranged to form a short album.

MMx073 Duelling Ants – Phones