Eddie Tambongo

Eddie Tambongo bursting flames

Anders Eddie Jacobsen is the man behind ‘Eddie Tambongo’. In his early days as a musician, Anders actually auditioned for the vacant post as bass player for the band ‘Bloot’, who at a later stage was voted the worst black-metal band in Norwegian history. Having left the metal scene a couple of years later, Anders cut his hair and started playing with prog-rockers Ganjibiri, which later turned into Gunerius Quack & Dom Andra. The band recorded a fabulous record in 2007, but it has yet to be released. During band-practice, Anders would frequently practice playing drums while the other people in the band were busy smoking, developing his rhythmical sense.

In the fall of 2008, Anders started experimenting with Ableton Live while studying electronic music under David Mondrup (aka Monsdrum) in Denmark, and a few months later, the EP ‘2U9L69’ was released (under the name ‘Snared’), showcasing Anders’ natural sense of rhythm and track-smithing.

Anders graduated as a sound engineer from NISS in June 2012, just a couple of months after having released the three piece EP ‘Backpack & Two Shoes’ .

MMx044 Eddie Tambongo – Backpack & Two Shoes