Some of the people from Ganjibiri

Ganjibiri have had many different members, some stay, some leave, and some just never show up. The band started at the end of the 90’s/start of the 00’s as a prog-rock band but quickly lost all structure and became an improvising monster. Drony, psychedelic, free, prog, improv, noise, rock are all words fitting Ganjibiri. Some day you might see them killing your organ with an axe, or gazing at their shoes playing the same riff for three hours, or playing in other constellations, either way, we like it.

Thomas Bergsten, Andreas Eri Myhre, Andreas Lande, Michael Hare, Anders Eddie Jakobsen, Jan Fredrik Bjerk, Øyvind Heilo, Jon Due, Jakob Myhre, Lars Myhre & Asbjørn Brekke have all played in Ganjibiri at one time or another.

MMx005 Ganjibiri – You!