Gunerius Quack Och Dom Andra

Gunerius Quack Och Dom Andra playing live at Tøyenbekken

Back in 2000 there were some guys fooling around with this acoustic music as a side project. They called themselves ‘Gunerius Quack And The Jonas Joffers’. The band recorded some tracks on a 4-track cassette portastudio and kept meeting up for jams and explorations in this genre they had given the catchy klitch name greengrass. Some more years went by, and in 2005 Mr. Ali Parandian heard their first recordings and was intrigued, he booked the band for his festivals ‘Den Store Påskefesten and ‘Den Store Juletrefesten. Gunerius Quack And The Jonas Joffers had also recorded a new 12 minute piece incorporating an adaptation of the repeating vocal line from a Japanese folk song (picked up from an Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.-adaptation of the same folk song). The group started to expand in numbers and the songs got longer and longer, and the name of the band eventually changed to Gunerius Quack Och Dom Andra. The band played some concerts and at one time they were doing a 30 to 50 minute rendition of the Beyonce song ‘Naughty Girl featuring a single repeating riff and a repeated vocal phrase not in Beyonce’s original song going ‘Feel my body, feel my body’. It was weird, it was nice, and something was going on.

Gunerius Quack Och Dom Andra consisted of Thomas BergstenAndreas Eri MyhreAnders Eddie Jacobsen, Asbjørn Brekke, Michael Goksøyr, Iva Thorarinsdottir, Tryggve Lund, Bendik Knapstad & Ali Parandian, with guest appearances from Bendik Brænne, Tuva Synnevåg & Anders Wasserfall.

MMx050 Gunerius Quack Och Dom Andra – På Hjernebølger Til Jotunheimen