Make It A Dead One

Håvard and Øystein of Make It A Dead One revving it up at UFFA

The following was written by Eirik Arlov, guitarist in the band; Make It A Dead One formed in early 2005 with Morten Samdal (Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson, Morfar etc.) on drums, Eirik on guitar, Øystein on bass and Håvard on vocals. The name thrown together for the project was ‘Pray! It works!’, an ironic kick to the marketing of religion. As we realized that the irony would fall on deaf ears in print we changed our name to ‘Make It A Dead One’ in late 2005.

After the frail beginning Morten moved up north and good comrades Andreas and Martin joined on respectively guitar and drums. With the linup completed we recorded a simple demo with the help of Morten and played some shows in our dear Trondheim aswell as in Bergen. Although not a punk band by sound we are dedicated to the strenghtening and survival of the underground that we love so much. Make It A Dead One is best enjoyed down on the floor where you can scream along if you want to.

MMx020 Make It A Dead One – The World Is Running Out of Letters