The Secret Sound

Kristine Marie Aasvang aka The Secret Sound

Kristine Marie Aasvang aka The Secret Sound

‘The Secret Sound’ is Kristine Marie Aasvang. In her own words;

I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I remember I asked my mother to put on a record where a young boy sings in a really high pitch. The name of the record was Arve Moen, Arvesølv and it was one of my favorite records together with Tone Hulbekmo, Svevende jord. Both Nowegian folk musicians, both with this clear pure voice.

I might have been four years old and the magic happened in the living room when the record player was on, and the voices came trough the speakers. The small crackling sounds from the vinyl, and the pictures on the cover. My body absorbed the sound and restored the tones in my head. I think already then I knew what made life magical, it was music.

I’ve been experimenting with sound through vocal and electronic equipment. I use Ableton Live for all my compositions. The sounds I use in my compositions is recordings of my own voice, environmental sounds like traffic noise and ventilation systems, and a few digital samples. I want the sound to be as organic as possible. Sound/ music is for me texture, color, body experiences, landscapes, both inner and outer and a source to mental pictures and feelings.

MMx063 The Secret Sound – Dealing With National Feelings