MMx141 Wild Man Riddim – Blues For Rudy

Single from Wild Man Riddim droppin’! This in from Martin: The band played Coltranes «Equinox» on a few occations and enjoyed the minor-blues feel. However, when writing an original, Brage wanted to add a bridge. -Twelve bars goes by fast in an up-tempo song.. Band: Brage Rognlien – tromboneMartin Brostigen – guitarMorten Midre – bassMartin

MMx140 Mikal Lillo-Stenberg – Ikkeno Pes

New release from Mikal Lillo-Stenberg. Here you get everything from ragged guitars, dreamy arps, 808 drums mixed with lots of other stuff. The songs swing the most when you wash up or dance with the kids. Have a good one! Tracks:1. Freedom of Bass2. Vilja3. Full Ballong4. Ikkeno Pes5. Trippy Girl6. Evig

MMx139 Laserost – Oppussingsokkultister

If Laserost was a shitty punk band he’d be all like “Society, it’s not for me, all you care about is a large tv, you wanna build a new porch, you all are such dorks, who gives a shit anyway, I don’t care what you paid, your kids do this, your kids do that, take

MMx138 Screen Phoenix – Ethiopian Scared Mechanical

Olly, olly, oxen free. Debut LP from Screen Phoenix. It’s pink and bubbly. Best enjoyed under the influence. Tracks:1. Air Foam Fairy Tales2. Eskimo Medallion3. Bodega Food Stamp Transactions4. Animated Firework Windows5. Key Stresses6. Cypher Alex7. Rain Drop Missions8. Piranha Byte Waves9. Cellular Fables

MMx137 Boblebad – Turist

This in from a parallel universe: Boblebad returns to MarsMelons with summerly sounds. A vacation to a warm and summerly place would be nice right now, but isn’t the easiest thing to do in these strange times. Don’t worry, this is a mini vacation in audio format! Mostly sunny sounds, but also some rainy weather.

MMx136 Mikal Lillo-Stenberg – Night Shift

New EP « Night Shift» from Mikal Lillo-Stenberg leads you true a groovy, blurry and trippy night. The tracks are meant to capture the different moods of night. Tracks:1. 00:032. 02.123. 03.424. 04.175. 06.32

MMx135 Metatag – Four

This blissful 9-track recording from Metatag arrived just in time to soften the blow from your post-vacation psychiatric relapse. Metatag have a slew of interesting releases under their belt already, and we’re happy to release their latest offering on MarsMelons. From the duo themselves: Four is a collection of recordings made using electronic machinery without

MMx134 Rudolfs Kontainer – High Tide

Boblebad repping the latest from the current ghost town streets: Rudolfs Kontainer is back with some much appreciated grooviness. This time with some varied good stuff, from the funky bassline of High Tide giving you the holiday feeling, to Let’s run, a love song that fades out in noise. In between that some lovely polka

MMx133 Duelling Ants – Shades of Colors Unseen

Almost a year late, but here’s another exquisite record from Duelling Ants from last year. A collection of tracks made during winter and spring of 2019, based around the Marantz pmd 221 tape recorder. Gear used – OP-1, Marantz pmd 221, Koma Field Kit, Guitars, Apps: Animoog, SpaceCraft, Quanta Tracks:01. Masters02. The Moon and The

MMx132 Zorg Kurkuma – Turn it off

Zorg Kurkuma has compiled ten original songs and instrumentals made over a long span of years. Played, sung, mixed and mastered by himself. Turn off the television, put on your choice of headphones, go out for a walk, jump a subway, travel short or long, or just walk around the neighborhood with your kid or

MMx131 Ekranoplan – DSOA Season 3 Theme

Perhaps another anchor levitates: Ekranoplan rises – insidiously kindling. Perchance looming, another huaracan token – emblematic. Tracklist:01. DSOA Theme Season 3

MMx130 Sjekkhefte – s/t

Sjekkhefte knows the drill – here’s a new chill pill for your grill chill. Warm mastiffs represent, LO Emm-P on the disco jams. Tracklist:01. Jaffacakes and beer02. Lake Malawi03. Compadre04. Ikarus

MMx129 Duelling Ants – Moving Elements In Nature

‘Moving Elements in Nature’ is the culmination of a lovely work of art over the course of the year 2018 by Duelling Ants. Check out his Instagram to see some lovely visuals to accompany the music. Below is a description of the album by Duelling Ants himself. This album is a result of a creative

MMx128 Rudolfs Kontainer – The Door

Just now, in time for spring, Rudolfs Kontainer releases another record. Following up the 2017 release of “Eclectic Rudolfland”, here comes “The Door”! Funky vibes and intriguing lyrical dark matter bursting through everyday life’s many aspects not often talked about, may now rock your stereo throughout the summer. Mixed by Mikal Lillo-Stenberg. Mastered by Ulf

MMx127 Duelling Ants – Two Birds / One Seed

Two Birds / One Seed is Duelling Ants’ latest minimalist forest trekker. 16 tracks that just breathes like living organisms, rich with harmonies and odd quirky sound design. In a music world where everyone is competing for faster, harder, louder – this is the much needed anti-dote. It’s absolutely lovely. Tracklist: 01 Space travellers 02

MMx126 Fuelbinger – Duck-Ex At The Burudvann Beach

Title says it all, really. Some more garbage truck tracks from Fuel to remind the youth of this year’s hottest reality duck show. Short review from Fuel himself – “Third track is the best one, the second one has some sort of vibe but sounds terrible towards the end, and the first one is just

MMx125 Saft Suse – Franz av Bassissi

Split my bramsails! Hirr, hirr, hirr! Kiss me in the kilt, Saft Suse’s disco house of Bassissi rolling you over. Some excellent new tunes from Saft Suse, the brain behind Rudolf’s Kontainer. Tracklist: 01. Engledryss 02. Ida 03. Sveverev 04. Sukkerspinn 05. Franz av Bassissi 06. Grisen

MMx124 Moon Zero-XM Personality Disorders #1

The first issue of a compilation series dubbed “personality disorders” featuring various nutcase recordings from the soon to be vacated Moon Zero-XM studio. All sounds on all of the tracks were made and composed with a modular synthesizer, so it’s quite rough around the edges. Business as usual, then. Tracklist: 01. Croydon Juice Circuit –

MMx123 Tom Handlevogn – Northern Lights

This is a message from the future. Signed one Ouh Lie Schultz. Last seen jumping off a subway train back in 2004. Log yourself out of the webshop, light up the fireplace or turn on your panel oven, charge your smartphone in another room, make tea or have a glass of red wine – relax.

MMx122 Rudolfs Kontainer – Eclectic Rudolfland

Brilliant eclectic lo-fi disco-sweetness – half electronic, half electric – coming your way from Mikal Lillo-Stenberg aka. Rudolfs Kontainer! After making a bunch of demo-recordings in his own home in Oslo over a short span of years, Mikal finally decided to compile his best tunes into this record and release it to the world. These

MMx121 Duelling Ants – My Thoughts Are Somebody Else’s

Nine exquisite new tracks from Duelling Ants dubbed “My Thoughts Are Somebody Else’s”. Just how many times have you felt like a book case, sitting in the living room gathering dust, full of thoughts already written? How about now? If you’ve followed MarsMelons at all over the past few years, you know Duelling Ants is

MMx120 UFL – Plasma Containment

New record in from UFL. I accidentally found a post-it in the bird feeder the same day I picked this up. It said: Dirty boots of funky leather bouncing your way with the intention to get people to dance to the rhythms without wearing a sweater. UFL, also known as Ulf, Phlu and Boblebad, serves

MMx119 Zen Volt – The View

MarsMelons are very pleased to release some of the works of Marius Blomstervik, aka Zen Volt, an electronic experimentalist with a very keen ear for oddly harmonic juxtapositions between the abstract and the melodic in music. As you may or may not have figured out already, that’s just how we love it over here. Marius

MMx118 Bison Chemo – There are stars, you’re fine

A kind of poem from Beroun Kiefshe to sum up Bison’s debut on MarsMelons: Chemo’s underwater astroturf marbles. Francis Leopold cold reading star maps, karplus. Celestial body mass index rates rats Indie car crashing a wedding reception canopy. Can it be? Something great, level 4 mass consciousness overheard pope talking walking, orbital state await. Tracklist:

MMx117 Salby Wallens – Bow Shocks

What are bow shocks, anyway? Bow shocks form the boundary between a magnetosphere and an ambient magnetized medium. This occurs when the magnetic field of an astrophysical object interacts with the nearby flowing ambient plasma. For example, when the solar wind, flowing with a relative speed of order 400 km/s, encounters the magnetic field of

MMx116 Gorgonsola Flyplass – Kartotek

‘Kartotek’ is another introspective glimpse into Gorgonsola Flyplass. ‘Andy’ was written grieving the sudden loss of a friend. ‘Helbred’ to heal old wounds. ‘Ingemannsland’ and ‘Vandring’ are simple reminders of the necessity for quiet and noise filtering. ‘Vuggesang for lillemann’ a lullaby for J-man. Who was Marcia Blaine? The last two are star gazers, thinking

MMx115 Laserost – s/t

On his debut album on MarsMelons, Laserost explores the complex relationship between man and machine, human and robot, emotions vs artificial intelligence. It’s a study of intricate syntax and deeply haunting philosophical issues. Laserost: What do you think about lazer and cheese? ALICE: I can ask someone about it. Laserost: Who are you going to

MMx114 Cas Todden – Code of conduct S/H

‘Code of conduct S/H’ is Cas Todden’s debut album on MarsMelons. Speaking with Cas about the release, he reveals the songs are representations of semi-hallucinatory or dreamlike states of mind of his, often colorful and strange. Many of these tracks are sort of hypnagogic, in that they are as much visions from dreams, as they

MMx113 JL & Modarch – Hovering The Wetlands

‘Hovering the Wetlands’ is the first travelouge from our buddies JL & Modarch since the release of Shine UTGA back in 2013. This time, they’ve been in Zambia, studying the mystical Shoebill bird and its inhabitat in the Bangweulu wetlands. Vast, vast swamps and lakes chirping with animal hustle and bustle set the backdrop for

MMx112 Fuelbinger – Firebird

A new track from a beloved tortured soul – Fuel made this while living in a crate somewhere. Fast cars, shooting stars – none of the lights, none of the lights. Tracklist: 01. Firebird

MMx111 Lysaker Zoo – 247

There’s a house on the corner that’s yella’, and nobody lives inside (well, apart from the cat, the three monkeys and a bunch of ants). I think somebody tried to sell’a, but nobody wanted to buy. Cus the animals run the house, yeah, the animals run the house. Naive electronica from Lysaker, where the animals

MMx110 Trixie Marmalade – Trixieland (The Musical)

A pink orb was seen spinning across the sky in Russia last week. The orb was later spotted hovering Latvia. I woke up this morning by a splash at the door. Outside, in the pink debris of what looked like a type of mushroom drone was a cassette. “To the Mars”, it said, signed with

MMx109 UFL – Futuristic Remark

A futuristic remark just in courtesy of Ulf. Remember it now so that you’ll remember it when you hear it in the future. “Hear what?” You may say. You’ll know, when you hear it. And just know that it’s a sign. So pay attention. It’ll start the trajectory for the rest of your life. And

MMx108 Duelling Ants – Reverse Seaworld

‘Reverse Seaworld’ is Duelling Ants’ third installation on MarsMelons – and as you would expect, it’s a lovely collection of mellow electronic tracks, as well as a fitting welcoming into this world of his two newborns (many congrats!). Dreamy and atmospheric, layers of textures disappearing and evaporating into new layers over tender melodies and barely

MMx107 Miinarets – Byzantine

‘Byzantine’ tells the story of Goiney, a young man recently knighted by the queen of his country for his brave service during the recent war. A few weeks after the knighting, while searching for a friend lost during the war, Goiney accidentally happens upon a place where his troop was ambushed (and suffered a great

MMx106 Kyalka – All seas turn black

Mixtape of some beats about the end of the world from Kyalka titled ‘All seas turn black’. A few picks from a pool of shit, as Kyalka puts it himself. Tracklist; 1. Drowning 2. There’s no hope 3. Under the light 4. Lopsided droid 5. Robo kennel 6. Scars across the sky 7. Glass eyes in both

MMx105 Thomas Bergsten & The Harvey Steel Show – Frank Walker (Episode #3 – In Limbo)

Here’s the third iteration of what’s becoming the epic tale of Frank Walker. The soundtrack to this is just phenomenal. Should definitely be performed in some concert hall at some point. In this third installment of the Frank Walker series Thomas Bergsten joins forces with some psych rockers from Jupiter, to be specific, the Harvey

MMx104 Polly Marker – Sundae

Fresh out of Australia, ‘Sundae’ is a “sunny sort of record”, according to Polly, who says she’s been making it on the go as she’s been travelling the outback with her pet koala, Steve. “Steve has been the indicator for me, whenever he’s been dancing or sort of bobbing his head to it, I’ve gone

MMx103 Gorgonsola Flyplass – Uendelig Regress

Thoughts looping and bending in on themselves with concurrent added high frequent feedback. ‘Uendelig Regress’ is about a perceived defeat of the self. A kid with no direction, no ambition, not understanding ambition or the talk of town, wanting only to submerge in the grass and not be part of the goings on in the

MMx102 Sykt Barn – Jord

3 (and a half – soon four!) year old Milla is MarsMelons’ latest collaborator. Armed with a modular synthesizer, she’s spraypainting a picture of her world with the synthetic sounds coming out of the machine. Her influences ranges from Frozen, Fantorangen, Knudsen & Ludgvisen, eating spaghetti, playing shop, riding her scooter and making stuff with playdough.

MMx101 Phlu – Inner Logix

So Phlu’s been on hiatus for a while, but he sent me this a while back. Some lovely cosmic electro funk shizzle! Inner Logix was created in between other and more important tasks in life like watching airplanes preparing to land, buying weird potato chips in the local food-store, drinking liquor nine o’clock in the

MMx100 West Bank Robbers – Pusten Jager

This in from Martin – two new tracks by West Bank Robbers. These two tracks were recorded live and raw in Cantus studio a couple of years ago. The idea was to just plug into the amps and record without too much analyzing and hesitation. Kind of like the good old days. ‘Pusten jager’ is

MMx099 Coax – CRASH2

A new exquisite record from Coax, squishing itself through the grapevine. Here’s Ulf’s lowdown; Coax’s new record CRASH2 is a great listen. It’s heading in another direction than COM1, towards a more ‘orchestral’ sounding record. Still the sound and the arrangements are in an electronic landscape of lovely IDM, glitch, ambient and avant garde, in

MMx098 Wild Man Riddim – s/t

Wild Man Riddim is one of the finest reggae/ska-influenced bands in Norway today, and it’s an absolute pleasure to release some of their music on MarsMelons. Here’s the lowdown from Martin; Brage Rognlien needed a band to perform rythmic music for club nights at The Villa. Brage and Martin called old friends and suddenly a

MMx097 Fruktnøtt – s/t

Back in 2004, two guys started a musical project called Fruktnøtt. At that time it consisted of merely a couple of weird experiments with beats and piano sounds, sounds which never came to see any daylight. The project name came from a joke which frequented around the house where one of them lived and the

MMx096 Lord Panzer – No Justice Just Us

Here’s some good old sing along punk for those summer night glubs. Lord Panzer arose from the ashes of the band Saddams Sønner. After a breef interlude with the Bistronauts, Lord Panzer teamed up with Møkkamennene i 2009, forming the band Lord Panzer & Møkkamennene. And has since been playing hard hitting punk music, inspired

MMx095 Duelling Ants – Fauna

‘Fauna’ is a collection of some lovely new electroacoustic pieces from Duelling Ants (aka Hans Marius T. Jacobsen). It features the same lush sound as on ‘Phones’ from a couple of years back – electronic and acoustic instruments and samples interwoven in minimal jazzy sort of compositions – Raster Notion-style. Artwork made by Hans himself.

MMx094 Coax – COM1

We’ve been hassling Coax to release some stuff on MarsMelons ever since that insane live show he did at Mir a year back, and I’m proud to say we’ve finally received some material – and boy, oh boy, does it deliver! ‘COM1′ sounds dark and somewhat industrial, but incredibly organic in that it rarely repeats

MMx093 Skiftende Bris – Virvelhoste

Four more tracks from Skiftende Bris. Some cosmic funk vibe on these tracks. Scandi-funk. Scunk. We dig! Music and cover by Ulf. Tracklist 01. A Moment 02. Lapskauskaos 03. Reflection 04. While I’m Still Breathing

MMx092 U Trip – Flush

Not much is known about this record. It’s some beats, some brass, slouching juicy bass and all the shank that comes with that. Instrumental and you can rap to it if you like. Music and cover art by Ulf. Tracklist 01. Here We Go 02. Reborn 03. Tbone 04. XergTwo

MMx091 Ruth Hansen – Horvat Knows What Up

I first met Ruth a few years back while I worked at an old folk’s home. I wasn’t quite sure if she worked there or whether she lived there. She had a fascination for octopi and would often tell the weirdest stories about the time she worked a boat in the south Pacific catching these

MMx090 Boblebad – s/t

Boblebad sounds like it’s been kept in a time capsule since the early 90’s, but have somehow evolved in there, and gets out all frisky and 95’ski and asks – whatever happened to that OL-floka, man? What’s going on with that? Yeah yeah, flannel shirts and Kurt Cobain and no internet, and everything innocent, floppy

MMx089 Lamek – Ro Ro Ro

Back in 2005, Bob Marley’s old band, The Wailers, played a sold-out gig at Rockefeller in Oslo. After the show, a bunch of young Norwegian reggae enthusiasts/musicians managed to hook up with some of the guys from The Wailers to record music. ‘Ro Ro Ro’ is essentially the culmination of those recordings! In addition to

MMx088 The Secret Sound – My LovE

Finally, 3 new tracks from The Secret Sound – that is, one original track, and two remixes of that track – My LovE. These three tracks sees Kristine Marie Aasvang’s hypnotic vocals woven into a web of electronic pulses, drones and textures – it sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard before, and it’s just gorgeous.

MMx087 West Bank Robbers – Alt

West Bank Robbers have gone and recorded 6 new mighty tracks, which we’re delighted to release on MarsMelons. West Bank Robbers second release contains songs which explores narrative stories further than their first release. Stories about social alienation, and a feeling of all the insecurity connected to being and adult and always being expected to

MMx086 Harvey Steel & The Harvey Steel Tribute Band – Living On Borrowed Cheeze

Straight from Jupiter! Here are some tunes from the recording sessions of the Harvey Steel Show’s upcoming album. These little ditties sure are pretty, shitty and haunting! These are collages, experiments, jams and songs collected as one on this EP «You’re living on borrowed cheeze». Originally intended to be released on floatin marzipan, the guys

MMx085 PÖM – Five Tons of Flax

PÖM takes his instrument of choice, dips it in glistening pink luputex and hauls it at the green sticker wall at precisely 120 miles per hour in his wind tunnel. “It’s a critique of the people whose process doesn’t involve pink luputex”, he explains. This is some experimental electronic stuff made by Morten, artwork by

MMx084 Phlu – Misoit

With ‘Misoit’ Phlu kicks the bucket. Steps into the land of the ex-parrots. Pulls the curtains. The fat lady has indeed started singing. After this, there is no more Phlu. Slithering out of his cracked shell, new pastures awaits. As he was stepping down, he was whispering in his beard – ‘gurgle, gurgle … got

MMx083 Trixie Marmalade – s/t

Trixie Marmalade lives in a caravan following the Harvey Steel travelling medicine show, where she practices as a fortune teller, a burlesque dancer, fish whisperer and a spiritual medium, as well as a backing singer for the Harvey Steel’s tribute band. She’s the poker queen of the carnies, and has a daily benzedrine intake that

MMx082 Dels Quin – Formicidae

Dels Quin attempts with ‘Formicidae’ to paint a picture of the rise and fall of an ant colony. From the brutal mating ritual (Nuptial Flight), through the larva period (Metamorphosis), early beginning (Shredded Eggs), through the toil and struggle of the colony (Drones, Colonization, Ruling) leading up to the parasitic infection of the queen (The

MMx081 Muffa Grange – s/t

This in from Ulf to celebrate the new year. Muffa Grange. Juggling beats for the strange in deranged ways, and nobody even pays. Attention: Piano roll overflow going too fast, but dying too slow. Down the drain of kindred horror, showcasing bee-stung grizzly bears hiding from evil. Afraid of sizzling clowns pretending they’re coming over.

MMx080 Stjerna – Rotze

Stjerna returns with the hay-fever for your golden retriever, horse thighs for your meat cleaver. “I’m against violence”. Trademark off-beat electronic stuff from the man punk enough to have an odd sounding artist name. Play the man, not the puck! Artwork by Morten. Tracklist 01. 1231 02. Bolog 03. Bruter 04. Dokato 05. Gmup 06.

MMx079 Fuelbinger – KMITNF$20

Fuelbinger recorded these to cassette about a year ago. The cassette got lost, and so did Fuel, but he’s back now. Beats, smells like gasoline, taste like ketamine. Artwork (and music) by Morten. Tracklist 01. Get Go 02. Forgetting Mundane Shit Spacing Out For A While 03. Ponderosa Ranch

MMx078 Electric Teepee – s/t

Back at the salon, the pianist takes a break (whiskey, in abundance), a stranger sits himself at a bar stool while a well-dressed woman walks restlessly back and forth outside. The town sheriff and his deputy are sitting in the bar observing the stranger with watchful eyes. The sun is like a piercing dagger outside,

MMx077 Frocifer – Reformatted

This in from Ulf. Frocifer the Robot, another weird character created by electronic musician Phlu Berghart, gives your digitalized brain orders to swipe your feet off the ground, leave the hoax and curse of social media behind, and levitate into outer space for a peaceful, galactic party inside the colourful nebulas of this universe for

MMx076 Configurations – s/t

Croydon Juice Circuit and Beroun Kiefshe join forces as ‘Configurations’ – releasing a collection of distorted and transformed field recordings. Scraping, clacking, hissing, annoyingly off-beat, choppy and soaked in raspberry pie. If you ever come down to Ruby Bridge, you know where to lie. Artwork (and music) by Morten. Tracklist 01. Calamari 02. Hoatzin 03.

MMx075 Awarc – Loneslow

Ad work for the awkward, quirky drum perc loan shark asterix mark tally heart. And I drifted into REM. Ned Stark quark molecule cap reward onslaught. Diffusion is a dish best served cold. Unfold time traveller’s basket cop roof top retina stop collaborator. Load up your poker faces, and take them to the Joker. Ok,

MMx074 Rone Sure – Purple XI

The final version of Rone Sure’s EP (that was retracted a few months back) is done! It’s songs about my time living on the streets of Buenos Aires, it was a rough and a good time – it’s a blues record, really, but also a sort of tango record – you should try to dance

MMx073 Duelling Ants – Phones

‘Phones’ comes courtesy of one Hans Marius Jacobsen, aka Duelling Ants – incidentally one of the founding members of the legendary Elektrofisk (one of the first, if not, the first, websites in Norway covering electronic music). The ground work on ‘Phones’ was made back in 2002. Working as a supervisor at my old elementary school,

MMx072 Thomas Bergsten – Frank Walker (Episode #2)

Finally, the second episode of Frank Walker! It features a collection of letters and diary entries from a man known as Cincano. Cincano was a magician, composer, inventor and traveler in time and space. A fabulous play was made to accompany the second episode of Frank Walker. Unfortunately, you can no longer experience it. Tracklist

MMx071 Hamstern Inc. – Introvert

Hamstern & The You Know Who’s returns, but this time they’re re-surfacing as Hamstern Inc. (Pepsi didn’t allow them to use the Pepsi-name anymore). Sounding slightly more poppy this time around, their most extroverted track to date, in my opinion – a track which, ironically, is called ‘Introvert’. It’s still the same rock solid punk-rock

MMx070 Cock Invaders – s/t

Cock Invaders was an absolutely brilliant Norwegian punk-rock band that existed years ago – liberatingly politically incorrect, their biography over at Urørt read; COCK INVADERS WILL NEVER DIE _ COCK INVADERS LETS NO ONE RAPE YOUR SOUL_ COCK INVADERS HAS LIVED A MILLIONS YEARS BEFORE_ COCK INVADERS ARE BACK TO RULE YOUR FUCKING BIG ASS.

MMx069 JL & Modarch – Shine UTGA

JL & Modarch traveled to Mongolia well over a year and a half ago to experience one of the most mythical regions of the world first-hand. And did they ever. They lived among a nomadic tribe travelling to distant places of the country – experiencing the hypnotically charged ambience of the Mongolian steppes on horseback,

MMx068 Pattern25 – Below The Surface EP

Incoming are the warped sounds from the cradle of civilization. Israeli Pattern25 invites you to his cavernous underwater lair ‘Below The Surface’; See the beauty of the underworld. Dance with electrical scats and observe enormous orcas passing you by. Encounter wrecks of old pirates’ ships and maybe find some treasures left by savage peoples of

MMx067 Neizvestija – Adventures In Sineland

‘Adventures In Sineland’ is the latest brainchild from Swedish electronic experimentalist Neizvestija. Dense and ever-evolving clouds of drones washing the waves of your perception receptor into earlier, primordial states. Water, dust, gravel, growth, vegetation, mitochondria – reproduction in perpetuity. Neizvestija has this to say about the process of creating these tracks; This album has grown

MMx066 Pawnsphinx – Songs From The Dead House EP

This just in from the shores of Brighton, Great Britain – a complete mind-bender extraordinaire courtesy of Benjamin Jarmarn, alias Pawnsphinx. ‘Songs From The Dead House EP’ is a short collection of tracks focusing on bringing the dualities of discordant and harmonic sound sources into a unified structure. The tracks feature peculiar textural arrangements which

MMx065 West Bank Robbers – Egne Hjem

“Jeg begynte nesten å grine da jeg hørte den sangen – så jævlig bra!” – Thomas Bergsten, explaining how he felt when he first heard ‘Mosaikk’, track 5 from West Bank Robbers’ new EP, ‘Egne Hjem’. I’m a total sucker for this record too. It moves the fist clenching and sing along-muscles of my stomach,

MMx064 Green Gym – Roadrunner Bits

Green Gym’s ‘Roadrunner Bits’ is somewhat of a sentimental trip down memory lane – to days of swirling around in your head all day talking football and video games with the kids at school, spending a good three hours on the 20 minute walk home, avoiding the drunk with the crazy german shepherd by cautiously

MMx063 The Secret Sound – Dealing With National Feelings

Kristine Marie Aasvang, aka The Secret Sound, comes floating on stage with a mesmerizing 4-piece EP titled ‘Dealing With National Feelings’. Having recently been dubbed ‘The Norwegian Laurel Halo’ by DJ Indiana Ross, Kristine dares venturing into Halo’s mystical musical territory, albeit with a completely different set of binoculars and a vocal range far beyond

MMx062 Skiftende Bris – s/t

You know how it is – if your time to you is worth savin’, then you better start swimmin’, or you’ll sink like a stone. Welcome, new ones. This in from Ulf; One day in this universe; floating around in a bed with rounded corners, waking up while checking if your pulse is still pulsating,

MMx061 Harvey Steel & The Harvey Steel Tribute Band – Full Double Rainbow! Live?

Just in from 1969 – another year with nothin’ to do, I say oh my, and a’ boo-hoo. This release was recorded live at the (in)famous Einstein Mansion and is Harvey Steel’s first release with the Harvey Steel Tribute band, and what a band it is! Sneaky Snare Bear, Boatstwain Sea Bass & Blue Cosmic

MMx060 Knoklene – Rekk Dem Ut!

This just in from one of the best and most original sounding reggae bands we have in Norway; Tiden er inne for å rekke ut og strekke ut hjelpende hender. Så sier Knoklene, ved deres anonyme medlems-talsmann O-Bein. R.I.P. Bjarne. Gjør bra ting! Roser er røde for alltid. Alt godt til alle mennesker og dyr,

MMx059 The Society of Poor Academics – Negative Polarity

He came. He shouldn’t have, but he still came. Looking around, he knew immediately that it had been a mistake. This wasn’t his sort of place, and these weren’t his sort of people. But there he was, and there was nothing to do about it now. He might as well make the most of it.

MMx058 Calculush – Pyromaniac

We got this record with a note attached to it in the mail the other day. Signed ‘Codd’; Over thirty years has now past since the bastard child Calculush was born outside a shed near Slemdal in the turbid suburbs of Oslo, Norway, by an unidentified woman. He was then left to die in the

MMx057 Phlu – Exzschplojnk

‘Exzschplojnk’ is a Latin word used to translate the Cyrillic expression ‘оптической’, which first appeared in a Uzbek folklore dating back to year 500 BC. The term supposedly means “chasms of the soul” or “the wounds of the soul”. The ancient folklore deals with the hardships of a young shepherd, Alisher (meaning; “Great lion”), travelling

MMx056 Percy Mood – Drou ID

‘Drou ID’ was recorded inside a small shack atop the Lobuche mountain in Nepal. Percy Mood sent us a letter containing everything we needed to know about the recording. Here it is; The drones entered the shack at noon the day before. They had a ceremony. They showed me many interesting things. One thing they

MMx055 Nebbb – Branding Is Demanding

‘Branding Is Demanding’ is the second, and final, in the series of recent Nebbb-releases. Some great jams and tracks in it. Nice sound quality too. Here’s what Thomas has to say about the release; Second time at Musikkskolen, this time with digital equipment with a lot more head room for mixing. Good or bad? You’ll

MMx054 Nebbb – s/t

Nebbb re-formed with a new setup in 2009 and started rehearsing in what came to be known as the Skinkegris Pirate Studio (aka the room next to where I used to sleep). They often rehearsed on Sundays, and they were loud as a truck. I still liked them. Here’s Thomas’s lowdown on this first release

MMx053 Space Girls – The Slow And Painful Death of David Gilmour

This just in from Michael; Last decade, the now defunct Norwegian band Space Girls produced fake music. It was also a fake act and more importantly they were a bunch of demented losers with a serious case of cosmic dementia. As one reviewer, “Abogix”, wrote of this release; “Shame on you for this picture of

MMx052 Rutotkak – s/t

Rutotkak – straight out of your state of the art waffle iron! Haven’t you ever asked yourself, while making waffles – “why can’t I ever find the right music to make waffles to?” – our buddy Ulf (Phlu) asked himself that quesiton, accepted the challenge as his own, took on the name Rutotkak (Norwegian trønder-dialect

MMx051 Agen, Olle Sjögren & Coax – Disconcerted & Discombobulated II

While Phlu did a live-set at Sound of Mu a couple of months back, he was lucky enough to have a talented set of people in the room hearing it. One of them was Agen, from 300AD, a very interesting music collective based in Norway, Sweden and Ireland. Agen asked Phlu if he could make

MMx050 Gunerius Quack Och Dom Andra – På Hjernebølger Til Jotunheimen

This absolute gem just in from Thomas to celebrate half a century of releases on MarsMelons; Back in 2000 there were some guys fooling around with this acoustic music as a side project. We called ourself ‘Gunerius Quack And The Jonas Joffers’. We recorded some tracks on a 4-track cassette portastudio and kept meeting up

MMx049 Phlu – Weirdness

Phlu woke up one day with a massive head-ache. He realized that his immediate surroundings were nothing like they used to be. Tiny egg-shaped men were dancing in his window cill, beef shaped butterflies were bungee jumping from the ceiling and below his bed, a bunch of lego-grills were rollerskating with the skull of an

MMx048 Thomas Bergsten – Clouds & Pieces That Will Flip Your Lid

‘Clouds & Pieces That Will Flip Your Lid’ is a collection of acoustic and electro acoustic compositions by Thomas Bergsten. There are artistic considerations behind these recordings that the ramblings of an outsider wouldn’t do just, so here are Thomas’s own words describing the various pieces; ‘The Sun (May 12th 2010 –Oslo)’ is a recording

MMx047 Wasserfall – Edits

Wasserfall has been gaining some serious speed lately, having released a wonderful EP for Greta Cottage Workshop earlier in the year, and continues his forward roll with a fine set of tracks for MarsMelons. This four piece release consists of four lovely crafted edits of songs by Adele, Håkon Kornstad, Feist and Big Chief (feat.

MMx046 Thomas Bergsten – Frank Walker (Episode #1)

Our first hörspiel/radio drama on MarsMelons! This piece is the first episode of a series of radio dramas by Thomas Bergsten, about Frank Walker, a man who forgot who he was and went out searching. Thomas: ” I knew little or nothing about the art of radio drama when I started this project, but I

MMx045 Sterk Te – s/t

Sterk Te’s music is best served with a freshly brewed cup of tea. Although it’s not obvious when listening to their recordings, the band is made up of three men with a strong desire to explore new and uncharted acoustic territories. The band originally started out with a desire to play punk, but gradually stripped

MMx044 Eddie Tambongo – Backpack & Two Shoes

Finally, Eddie Tambongo (the artist formerly known as ‘Snared’), is back in the mix! Eddie has been studying sound engineering since his last release on the label (2U9L69) back in 2009, and it goes to show – sound quality is crisp as a biscuit! Intricate rhythms move slowly and intertwine with equally sticky melodies, as

MMx043 Happy League Cactus – Debacle Park

Happy League Cactus returns with a soundtrack for his upcoming sci-fi movie titled ‘Debacle Park’. The tracks describes the exploration of the movie’s protagonist ‘Kilgallon’ as he tries to find his sister after a devastating war. It’s a violent hero’s journey, littered with joyous psychedelic abandon, the occasional “aha”-experience – and a questionable spiritual redemption

MMx042 Stegan – Basement Sessions

Martin ‘Stegan’ Brostigen (of No Torso, Yoga Grossist, The Phantoms, Knoklene) tunes into his very own calm and charismatic folk-ish style for this solo-EP, ‘Basement Sessions’. Here are Martin’s stories behind the tracks on the EP; ‘No One Forced James’ occured when the whole Mohammed drawing thing was going on. I wondered why many people

MMx041 Wooly Uli – Mesolimbic Disarray

Do you remember the 80’s? Haha, what were we up to back then? We, or shall I say they, looked so stupid. Thankfully, we have now learned, so that we won’t look as stupid twenty years from now, thank God. Let’s look at these old photos and laugh at how stupid we looked. Haha. Over

MMx040 Oskars Herliņš – Skandarbi Sintetiskajam Orkestrim

Find a druid manacled on the rack. Open the iron maiden. Pick up the flaming brand at the center of the room. Pick up the mints by the door. Talk to the druid and then remove the ring. Try to convince the druid that you are not evil. Et cetera. ‘Skandarbi Sintetiskajam Orkestrim’, the latest

MMx039 Phlu vs. Bananeter – Impregnated World EP

This in from Ulf a couple of months back (been too busy procrastinating to put it out); Phlu and Bananeter (aka. Eddie Tambongo/Snared) ate tacos, drank beer and made this EP on a friday night last fall. Two of the tracks can be slightly reminding of a drunk or high James Blake. While made on

MMx038 Stjerna – DMZ

DMZ, or De Militarized Zone, is a physical or logical subnetwork that contains and exposes an organization’s external services to a larger untrusted network. There’s a certain noir comic vibe to this release, although, musically speaking, there’s no escaping the comparisons to Burial, Mount Kimbie and Sepalcure. Some league to be in though! Sounding somewhat

MMx037 Thomas Bergsten – Music For Films

When I in a few minutes will press ‘submit’ to free Thomas Bergsten’s latest contribution to the human race, I will take great pride in knowing that the level of weirdness in the world just increased by 36. On this phenomenal record, we have nothing less than 12 exceptionally outlandish, beautiful pieces of music made

MMx036 Phlu – Mental Chillness

A walk through the dire mud of everyday life, sprinkled with the occasional sunshine penetration. Mental dwarfs looking for pussy behind doors, blow pads, metal piece nose separation. A neurotic cartoon ‘Nirvana’, oozing sprays of sticky aromas, clinging to matter like tar sand. To enjoy light, one must also appreciate darkness. Balancing on the thin

MMx035 Harvey Steel – Sketches EP

Harvey Steel was left on the doorstep of an Amish family in October 1977. He was raised as a real family member, and they didn’t tell him about were he came from until he was fifteen. He then left his Amish family following a calling. A few years later, he met a musician in Mississippi

MMx034 Phlu – Late For Work

Ulf returns with his silver tailed dream character moniker ‘Phlu’, and with him he’s got a couragous mission; reclaim your sleep! And it’s a mission well worth fighting for. For what better, more noble activity can man partake in without causing this world any further pain or misery? Lulled away on distant alien shores, quietly

MMx033 Gunerius Quack & Big Chief vs Jokkemaskinen & The Police – s/t

Welcome to a schizofrenic battle of the weirdos. It kicks off with a noisy processed violin by Jokkemaskinen & The Police, when Gunerius Quack answers with an eleven string meditative improvisation in the style of John Fahey and Robbie Basho. Jokkemaskinen & The Police then tries to go ballers with the guitar, but ends up

MMx032 Stjerna – Bekkestua Bronx

Bekkestua Bronx – home of the hard, finally being paid proper homage to by one of its finest citizens, Stjerna, who started shaping his skills with Fruity Loops back in the day when occupying the only crack den not to have been raided by the police this side of Baltimore (said crack den much depicted

MMx031 Big Chief – Murder EP

This EP just in from an alcoholic cowboy who thinks he’s an indian (The Native American kind); Big Chief. His first release, a cassette called New adventures in love-fi (released on the Big Chiefs Traveling Medicine show label) was a lo-fi folk record, but this EP takes a strange new path. The singing is inspired

MMx030 Hamstern & The Pepsikids – s/t

Just when you thought punk rock had finally signed off as an exciting genre, these boys enter the frame and makes it all worth while again. Wheels aren’t being reinvented on this four piece EP, but it’s a dead honest approach to the music which quite obviously is flowing through these guys’s veins. The band

MMx029 Yoko Og Nei – The Break-Up Album

After a huge fight that ended with the police coming in their fourth floor window (who would have guessed, pigs can in fact fly!) Yoko & Nei decided to end their relationship. Thomas digged up two old tunes and recorded two new tunes that would make up this break-up album. Experimentally free flowing in its

MMx028 Step-Brother Taxi – Practice Silencer

Gunerius Quack and Stjerna teams up for a hazy long distance journey in the Step-Brother Taxi. Its wooden exterior brush through wild forests and barren deserts, constantly trigging, it seems, the spirit of the land it surpasses, which substantiates itself in different forms and in different harmonies. ‘Religious Embryo’ with its sneaking snakes on dry

MMx027 Stjerna – Bügelen

The many faced creative force that is Stjerna returns to the frame with a deep four track EP titled ‘Bügeln’. The title of the EP, being a certain give away to Stjerna’s German connection (‘bügeln’ is the German word for ‘iron’), is also an obvious statement of the actual sound on the record. Deep basslines

MMx026 Happy League Cactus – Spouse & Drippin

Out of the crates we dig some old stuff from Happy League Cactus. It’s a lo-fi dirty electronic concoction of techno and beat based music that wasn’t really meant for anybody’s ears. The collection of tracks is covering a great diversity in themes, from life cycles and metabolism, via alchemy and paranormal phenomena, to finding

MMx025 The Southern Halos – If Pigs Could Fly

This year’s summer hit comes from The Southern Halos, who begs you to hop on the chillwave-train and let your worries fly away along with the passing pigs. The music is in the vein of the relatively recent musical phenomenon called ‘chillwave’. Half droopy juicy electronic beats over some warm organic guitar melody. And obviously

MMx024 Applikation Neptun – #01 – 3417-41CB

Heavily inspired by Autechre and Amon Tobin, 21 year old Nikolai Straarup, aka Applikation Neptun, dives into the world of avant-garde techno and breakbeat with a somewhat puritan approach. Nikolai produces his sounds without using regular hardware or software synthesizers, he generates sinus-, saw- and square-waves and puts effects on them manually. It’s probably what

MMx023 Stjerna – I Have Come, I Have Destroyed Evil

From Steinar Raanaa, aka Stjerna, comes this year’s early x-mas present, a three piece EP to make you dream away to warmer locations. Stjerna is one of the two beat smiths from the new Nebbb-setup (the other one being Anders/Snared) – he possesses a natural gift for coming up with that extra quirky drum beat

MMx022 Wasserfall – Last Days EP

Wasserfall has been making some absolutely sublime minimal tracks over the years, and presented on this EP entitled ‘Last Days’ are three of his latest works created while still living in Berlin, the cradle of minimal music. His production is, as always, lush and clean, the tunes somewhat loungy and laid-back, yet subtly asking you

MMx021 Mørkemannmennene – s/t

During the dark middle ages, a band of black caped monks emerged from the monolithic mountains of Sveknuten in Western Norway, and settled in a small mountain village. The leader of the band claimed to be speaking in tongues, and attracted a great number of listeners at the local tavern – he claimed they all

MMx020 Make It A Dead One – The World Is Running Out of Letters

This record was first released on How Is Annie Records back in 2005, but has sold out long ago. So we bring it back. With two bonus tracks! This is what How Is Annie Records described these guys’ sound back then; – These youngsters do their thing in Trondheim and is the only one in

MMx019 DJ Myhrebonus – Live From The Kitchen

Oh, man. Grab hold of your seat. From the woods of Nøtterø, booming out of a kitchen window, it’s DJ Myhrebonus for all you suckers. Recorded with an mp3-player recorder while playing live on an antique Casio keyboard (we can’t remember its official name, but something along the lines of Breakbeat Machine 3000 Boom Xpander),

MMx018 Blaendvaerk – s/t

Kristoffer, or Blaendvaerk, cites the universe and its origin as the inspiration and the subject of his self-titled debut EP. When asked to describe the sound of his work, Blaendvaerk capitulates into what could seem like a fog of existentialist questioning; – [The EP is] full of stimulating, exciting ideas and speculations, with an engrossing

MMx017 Snared – 2U9L69

‘2U9L69′ is the recent brainchild of electronic experimentalist Anders Eddie Jacobsen, aka ‘Snared’. Having played bass and drums in various bands over the years, Anders delved into the eletronic sphere of music to express a more personal style than the acoustic instruments would allow him. On ‘2U9L69′, warm and deep textures supports heavily complex rhythms

MMx016 ReneKim – Going Pro

ReneKim has been producing techno for years, and could be said to be somewhat of an underground gem in his native Denmark. Sporting the motto “4 to the floor” like none other I have ever met, ReneKim doesn’t stray far from the roots of techno, but for the occasional poetic Danish vocal cuts here and

MMx015 Thomas Bergsten – Works

Thomas Bergsten is a composer and artist that’s all over the place, playing in about ten bands and composing music at every waking moment. ‘Works’ is a collection of pieces written between December 2008 and May 2009. The pieces are composed for acoustic instruments, but here they are played by a computer, transferred to an

MMx014 Oskars Herliņš – s/t EP

It’s an honor to present four early works of Latvian contemporary composer, Oskars Herliņš, to you lot. To describe his first piece of experimental ambience, Oskars vows for modern poetry, imagining the grand stylus of earthly architecture; “Already nowadays the dream has become a reality: within a radius of hundreds of kilometres live images in

MMx013 Electric Teepee – Junkie?

The cowboys have left territory. Remaining are the survivors; the shamans. The desert sun is burning and the sand storm blowing relentlessly. The vision quest is about to begin when a travelling set of hippies come rolling by. Together, they share what’s left of smoke, while the Big Chief of the indians, ponders the sign

MMx012 Jokkemaskinen & The Police – Music For A Comic Book

What happens when a dude that has played just about every instrument there is to play in this world gets to play with Ableton Live while reading a lot of Jason-comics? Well, Music For A Comic Book, of course. Jokkemaskinen & The Police delivers distant atmospheric ambient with trademark high altitude textures. Over the course

MMx011 Gunerius Quack – Too Cool For Art School

The ‘Gunerius Quack’-moniker has been used mostly in collaboration with what remained of Ganjibiri, called ‘Dom Andra’, but this time, Gunerius goes solo. ‘Too Cool For Art School’ is not a typical Gunerius Quack release. When asked in an interview with Norwegian newspaper ‘Morgenbladet’ what kind of music he played, Gunerius absently replied; “It’s a

MMx010 Klørrr – Disco Bunny Lady

It’s Klørrr party animal for all you disco bunny ladies out there. Too often during the first part of this century you heard about bands being labeled “garage rock”, when it really sounded like some shit crafted for a housewife soap-commercial. This is Klørrr however, the drop your pants, shit in your hands real deal.

MMx009 Ars Gratia Artis – Lesbian Race

This is the ying or the yang of Amor Fati, the same setup that made a contemporary masterpiece for the label’s first ever release. It’s strictly acapella, and it lasts for about three minutes and a half. The first track, which could and should be a serious radio hit contender, ‘Lesbian Race’, is a homage

MMx008 Seminole Bingo – Schizophobia

No one says it better than our good old Ulf, the melodic genius behind another strange release on the label; “Seminole Bingo is your neighbour’s dog on weed, trying to make music for no purpose at all. It contains tunes mostly from the great year of 2005, a very green year”. Here you’ll find tracks

MMx007 Wacky Duck – s/t

Our dear beloved friend, Wacky Duck, has finally been released from prison, after having served a sentence of 13 years for domestic disturbance. While in prison, Wacky Duck formed a band consisting of three different personality types, and he himself described the project to us when we interviewed him a couple of years ago through

MMx006 Evasion – Hockey Temper

‘Hockey Temper’ consists of three songs recorded with a video camera (hence the rather squeeky quality) in Martin’s basement one evening during fall 2005. The band initially started out a few months prior to the recording, with the intention of having fun making some classic late 80’s hardcore in the vein of Youth of Today,

MMx005 Ganjibiri – You!

Ganjibiri started at the end of the 90’s/start of the 00’s as a prog-rock band but quickly lost all structure and became an improvising monster! Drony, psychedelic, free, prog, improv, noise, rock are all words fitting Ganjibiri. Some day you might see them killing your organ with an axe, or gazing at their shoes playing

MMx004 Nebbb – Jarred Fink’s Ultimate Experience

With ‘Jarred Fink’s Ultimate Experience’, Nebbb enters the world of audio theater, and tries to direct the play ‘Albini & Beefheart at a stagnant seaside structure’ as seen through the eyes of theater director, the mysterious Jarred Fink. Thomas’s squeeking guitars battles over Michael’s haunting drum machine segments, while the desperate psychotic cries of Steinar

MMx003 FUBAR – Psychdelic Buckdown

This shit is so dirty and noisy you’d think we recorded it with a laptop-microphone, and we sure did. Gritty punk and psychedelic jams accompanies vocalist Thomas’s exceptionally hissing voice. The record clocks in at about 27 minutes (that was how far the recording got before the drum set got fucked). We also found purple

MMx002 Beleband – s/t

Apparently, the story behind this release is as follows; – It started one day when Thomas, Andreas and Bele were playing outside in the sun, just having fun and Thomas screamed with every power he had “Ta av deg på overkroppen” (loosely translated; take off your top) to a girl walking by. “Wow!”, the others

MMx001 Amor Fati – Trilogien Om Den Triste Skilpadden

Amor Fati is a duo consisting of Andreas Lande and Thomas Bergsten. They started playing together when they found two organs on a flea marked back in 1999 and immediately started recording their own brand of improvised organ music. ‘Trilogien Om Den Triste Skilpadden’ (‘Trilogy of the Sad Turtle’) is a story about a sad