Custom DigiPRO Waves pack for Elektron Monomachine

Here’s a set of custom DigiPRO single cycle waveforms for the Elektron Monomachine (or for whatever else you want to use them for). Meticulously created by MarsMelons HQ in the wonderful Audio-Term application.

Download DigiPro Wave Pack

To load them into your Monomachine;

1) Download and unzip the waveform-file
2) Download and install C6 from
) Open C6, click “configure” and make sure you set the MIDI Out port of your MIDI device
4) Connect a MIDI-cable from the MIDI Out port of your MIDI-device to the MIDI-IN port of the Monomachine
5) Click “Load” in C6, and load all of the waveforms that you unzipped earlier
6) Highlight all the waveforms in C6 and click the “DigiPro”-button inside C6 (this will convert the .wav files to .syx)
7) Fire up your Monomachine. Click Function+Global, choose whichever slot you like, scroll down to “File”, select “DigiPro MGR”, select “Receive” and finally select “Org” – the Monomachine will blink “Waiting”.
8) Highlight all the files in C6 and click “Send”.
9) The Monomachine should now be receiving the .syx files, wait until the 64th file has been received, click Yes (or No, I can’t quite remember) when this is done, the Monomachine will then show a bar loading the waves.
10) That’s it. New sounds to play with.

Please note – do this at your own risk. It should work perfectly fine however, so no reason to worry.