MMx027 Stjerna – Bügelen

The many faced creative force that is Stjerna returns to the frame with a deep four track EP titled ‘Bügeln’. The title of the EP, being a certain give away to Stjerna’s German connection (‘bügeln’ is the German word for ‘iron’), is also an obvious statement of the actual sound on the record. Deep basslines whoomping underneath a cold industrial spectre of drugged out textures and primal rhythmic patterns, progressing steadily as it wipes out all warmth as a stone cold lazer over the ever returning presence of an horizon in orbit.

Fall is upon us, and this EP serves as a sort of reversed psychological trick, if you like – invite the cold and dark in voluntarily, and it won’t bother you as much as it would normally. Sit down, let go, and be in ease with the freeze, consume the gloom, and inquire the dire. Artwork by Morten.

01. 3
02. Kassa 44
03. Bonq3
04. Smoof

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