MMx030 Hamstern & The Pepsikids – s/t

Just when you thought punk rock had finally signed off as an exciting genre, these boys enter the frame and makes it all worth while again. Wheels aren’t being reinvented on this four piece EP, but it’s a dead honest approach to the music which quite obviously is flowing through these guys’s veins. The band have no apparent connection to any scene, hence, there’s no expectations of a sound to live up to for them, no asses to kiss for acceptance – which in all its simplicity makes this record so god damn good. It gives them the freedom to create exactly what it is that they want.

Their sound is obviously influenced a great deal by Hot Water Music, which is fabulous, in my opinion, but there’s so much originality in this sound (not to mention the songs are written in their mother tongue; Norwegian) that comparing them simply to HWM wouldn’t do them proper justice. Lyrically heartfelt, melodically feel good and wonderfully honest in its approach. Thanks guys, for making me feel this way about punk rock again – it’s been quite some time! Hamstern & The Pepsikids are Hamstern, Paulsen, R.F. & Mark. Artwork by Morten.

01. Jeg Reiser Meg
02. En Kirkegård Av Drømmer
03. Landgang
04. Speilvendt

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