MMx036 Phlu – Mental Chillness

A walk through the dire mud of everyday life, sprinkled with the occasional sunshine penetration. Mental dwarfs looking for pussy behind doors, blow pads, metal piece nose separation. A neurotic cartoon ‘Nirvana’, oozing sprays of sticky aromas, clinging to matter like tar sand. To enjoy light, one must also appreciate darkness. Balancing on the thin line stretching over the nuclear waste covering parts of a flourishing meadow. The king of snooze-techno has returned, and it’s an LP! 12 new tracks, damn!

Phlu produced this record over the rainy summer, which gives us a few pointers to its ambivalent nature. There are some wonderfully warm melodies on show on this record, as well as some much welcomed rhythmical experimentation. ‘Juxtapositive Minds’ skips along like a slightly damaged old record, while ‘Another Re-Detached Surface of Thought’ explores a different musical realm altogether. Artwork by Ulf.

01. Weak End
02. Blabbering Of The Quitter
03. Hippielusions Of Grandeur
04. Psychobabble Theft
05. Juxtapositive Minds
06. Five Joints Left
07. Disconcerted & Discombobulated
08. No Use For A Brain
09. Another Re-detached Surface Of Thought
10. Decomposed Soil Of The Soul
11. Dark Lights
12. End Station

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