MMx037 Thomas Bergsten – Music For Films

When I in a few minutes will press ‘submit’ to free Thomas Bergsten’s latest contribution to the human race, I will take great pride in knowing that the level of weirdness in the world just increased by 36. On this phenomenal record, we have nothing less than 12 exceptionally outlandish, beautiful pieces of music made for a film that is just around the corner. The fabulous thing about this movie is the fact that the movie itself was shot with the intention of describing the sound, yet not making it a mere music video, but a full fledged Jim Jarmusch-like flick with lots of awkward people doing whatever it is awkward people do. You’ll see, you’ll see.

‘New Orleans Vampire’ opens the show with a strange african/mexican-sounding blues track that suddenley drops into a stripped down 80’ies hip-hop beat, before the title song, ‘Jesus Was Walking On The Water’ rips your head open with some Nick Cave-like aesthetics, and then Oscar (from the movie), or what have you, takes it too far (honey), and has to cool down on the beach. Et cetera! It just goes on! I’m finding it very difficult to choose one track for preview on this, because they are all so different. A personal favorite it is though, ‘Subway (Club Scene)’, which is absolutely sublime! Artwork by Thomas.

01. New Orleans Vampire (Vampire Band Scene)
02. Jesus Was Walking On The Water (Title Song)
03. Honey I Went Too Far (Beach Scene)
04. Disney (Turn The Page)
05. Don’t Drink And Drive (End Credits)
06. Fuglane (Last Scene)
07. Indianarane Kjem! (Theme Song)
08. Subway (Club Scene)
09. Subway (Praying Scene)
10. The World Is Burning (Birth Scene)
11. The Dada Priest (Preaching Scene, Amazing Grace)
12. Aix Sponsa

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