MMx039 Phlu vs. Bananeter – Impregnated World EP

This in from Ulf a couple of months back (been too busy procrastinating to put it out);

Phlu and Bananeter (aka. Eddie Tambongo/Snared) ate tacos, drank beer and made this EP on a friday night last fall. Two of the tracks can be slightly reminding of a drunk or high James Blake. While made on a friday, the tune ‘Happy Friday, Motherfucker’ resembles that old friday-feeling most people get when the working week is over and they can pop their first beer of the weekend, finally free from the chains of societys money-making circus (At least as long as they are at their own home.) But we know that as a reality, it won’t last long. It’s just for a limited time-span called the weekEND. Another working week will come. That insight can cause a sad moment even though it’s a friday night, so play this EP loud and sing along like you are a drugged down, drunk walrus who’s never going back to work!

Cover by Phlu.

01. Impregnated World
02. Free Pills Through My Soul
03. Happy Friday, Motherfucker

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